How Skyward Sword Should Have Ended - SPOILERS
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SPOILER WARNING, ya scrubs. That goes for the rest of this description, too, so back away if you're serious about this stuff!


I JUST REALLY LIKE PEATRICE OKAY. I'm not looking to start a shipping war or anything, this is just something I thought would be funny and I just had to draw it. Please don't sit here and try to convince me that these two were "meant to be" - just try to get a chuckle out of it, okay?

And besides, the very first Link and Zelda can't end up together! If they get together then none of their descendants can get together and the whole timeline falls apart. Yeah, I went there. Bringin' CANON into this shit.
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DracoGuerrero|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I faved this cause I'm a lonely...lonely man
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Link: "But like, seriously Zelda, you kept running away from me and Peatrice was there for me. She talked to me, and we really got to know each other. Romance just... blossomed. We can still be besties, though, right?"
Zelda: "..." <Did... Did I just get friendzoned?!>
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Lol! This was too funny.
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FadingStarlights|Hobbyist General Artist
um, actually, it's never stated at that the future links are descendants of the actual link. Demise says that so long as the blood of the goddess and spirit of the hero live on, they'll be cursed. Meaning, zelda could be reincarnated into her bloodline, but link could be reincarnated into many random people and families. And NO GAME has EVER had them be together (though there were implications). Besides, fairly sure that Twilight Princess Link and Zelda were actually brother and sister, though it was never stated. Hence why there was an implied romance between Link and Midna. Nice comic though, made me laugh and made me happy to see and alternate view of how things could have ended. ^^
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From time to time, I get to read the Link and Zelda from this or that game were siblings/cousings/far relatives/etc. It's NEVER true! They haven't and won't ever share a single drop of same blood.
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Zel-Da-Hedgie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh god, i havent finished the game, im on ipad and i passed the comic fasty, i didnt read or even see the pics, then i read the warning, almost my heart stopped, thank u for it, not a lot of people do it, they spoiled me a lot u.u, like breaking dawn s ending lool, gonna favorite anyways, later i ll replay when i finish it:9
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EclecticFridge|Student General Artist
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hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Zelda's sooooooo pissed!!! that would totally happen if he did tell her!

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Maybe if we ask Nintendo nicely this'll happen...
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RestingSoul|Hobbyist General Artist
LMAO YES <33 I totally couldn't resist Peatrice's blushy face in the game haha <333

ALSO. Love the troll Groose at the end :heart:
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T3hTeeks|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DawnFelix|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah that the way is so end :rofl:
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Pocokiti|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol omg this is so funny XDDD
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Chibifrijja|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww that's so awesome; and it would be much more natural if he got with a normal person.
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HyperdriveFox69|Student General Artist
Zelda ish not amused XD (lol) This was amazingX3
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awesome, I like Peatrice x Link, don't ask me why, they just seem like a better pair. This should have happened
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Totally shoulda happen!! >D
Woot for Patrice!

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Charge-the-Echidna's avatar
It was pretty mean of Link to just use Peatrice for gratitude crystals. I couldn't bring myself to make her face reality when I played, but either way you have to get her hopes up for nothing.
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MetaKnuckles|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno about you, but I certainly wasn't using her for gratitude crystals - my love was genuine! :iconblushplz:
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Charge-the-Echidna's avatar
Yours was, yeah, but most people were like "Quest accepted: Toy with this innocent girl's emotions". Then they went and smashed the chandelier at The Lumpy Pumpkin and gave Cawlin's love letter away as toilet paper.
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Bitter-Cherry|Professional Digital Artist
LMAO The thing with Peatrice makes me feel horrible. Really XD
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iMunchCupcakes's avatar
If you ever watch Hey arnold the last 2 slides remind me of that XD
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Half-BloodPrincess1|Hobbyist General Artist
<3 LOVE! <3
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ObsidianSickle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This made me laugh SO. MUCH. It still makes me giggle when I think about it. XD
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