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Name: Amadeus
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 80kg

Amadeus has a great deal of knowledge concerning robotics, with his field of expertise being external equipment and gadgets.
His equipment includes plasma weaponry, flight, strength and speed boosts.  Much of this comes from power management in his armor, being versatile to varying allotments of power to certain parts.
The primary weapon he relies on is a vibroblade, however.  It is designed for additional cutting power but built similarly to a traditional sword with a full hilt, guard and pommel, allowing for either one handed or two handed usage.

However, that is just equipment.  His most powerful weapon is his mind.   His attention to detail and capability to focus help him stay two steps ahead of the enemy.  He is willing to take risks in combat, accepting smaller losses if they assure a victory.  Much of his time in combat is spent getting to know his opponent.  He gives preference to clever solutions, but will not shy away from settling things the traditional way.
In the event that his armor is disabled, he's dead in the water.  He has means to get out of it, but other than that, Amadeus has to rely solely on his still functioning gadgets and wits.

Amadeus tries to give off a calm air, because it was both what others expect of him and what he expects of himself. He is observant and curious. Focusing on his curiosity helps him process information more easily.
The detachment that comes with his aloof attitude can give people the wrong impression of him. He can be tactless and rude, and is used to being called names for it. Normally he will just apologize and move on.
He has a quick wit and an eye for detail. He will break his aloof aura to make quips, especially if it helps defuse the tension around him.

Amadeus never lets the big picture get in the way of enjoying the little things in life. No matter the pressure, he can find respite in a good meal or company.
Amadeus is driven by the desire to challenge himself. He wants to win, and win his way. Every victory is a way of proving what humans are capable of without sacrificing the spirit he admires so much.

Personal life:
Amadeus lives a decent life for someone of his time.   Happily married, and raising his daughter. His relationship with his partner is built on friendship and a customary exchange of jabs and remarks, usually ending with him landing in hot water for a while.  Nevertheless he can say he is content with the relationship with his wife, and with how his daughter turned out.
When not spending his personal time with his family, he dedicates himself to working.  Not on bigger projects as he does professionally, but personal ones.  A prime example is his own armor and their gadgets, and the improvements that can be made to them.

Role in his world:
Amadeus was appointed to lead his society due to proving himself as one of the great minds of his people, the Mektani.  They are a strictly meritocratic society, and the pressure of constant contribution and betterment of humanity as a whole weighs on his shoulders.

His society faces a struggle with transhumanism, as they grow more and more dependent on technology to live longer lives and handle the influx of an information-era civilization.  The predecessors of Amadeus position have managed at most a decade or two in power, enough time for a younger generation to surpass their capabilities.

The latest of them cast a big shadow upon Amadeus.  It gave him big shoes to fill, as she had not been surpassed but instead vanished.  Her policy of freely using technology to replace human parts with reckless abandon created a social expectation and a surge of popularity that would certainly hinder Amadeus if he tried to stand against it.  It wouldn't stop him from attempting to do it, throughout his career in that position.

His credentials come from a stellar career in exploring the galaxy, as well as a proven capability with robotics and an eye for optimizing the interfacing between man and machine, for greater ease of use.  Though his work was then derived to make implants and mechanical modifications to bodies, his research always focused on external gadgets and equipment.
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Hello!! I am super excited to be opponents for this round! I just have a few questions:

1. What are Amadeus' and the armor's Weaknesses (mostly just the armor)? How can his armor be disabled? Does large amounts of water have any negative impact on the machinery?  
2. You mention Amadeus having gadgets. Are these just the fancy tech on the armor or are these separate devices Amadeus could possibly use if his armor is disabled? 

Also, is it alright if I kill your character? No worries at all if no. I prefer avoiding doing that as much as possible, anyway. :)

Please feel free to kill my dumb characters though.
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MetaKnightFanStudent Digital Artist
I'm terribly sorry I took so long to reply.  I've been busy with exams.  Hope it's not too late to answer xD

Amadeus' weakness is usually the fact he's a reasonable person, and he assumes others can be reasonable too.  At least once, people can make use of his good nature, especially since he prefers other solutions to battle, if possible.  Not to say he's entirely naive, but he's willing to give people a chance.

As for the armor, well, it's pretty strong armor for his time, but I assume anything that might drain its power, or if the enemy knew to capitalize hitting the joints and moving parts that allow him to slip into the suit.

Well, the gadgets are stuff like a PDA, his sword...and any minor thing he might have in a pocket, but it's not meant to be something that gives him an amazing level of help.  If he's out of the suit he's basically in his lab coat and counting on his luck.

As for Amadeus dying, well, it might happen.  He chose that risk by going in.  No plot armor for him xD
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Thanks for the reply! I do basically have my script finished now but this does help with a couple details and at least tells me I wasn't completely far off with what I wrote. lol 
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VIRAMEMHobbyist General Artist
Excited to draw this fella! Great job on the design :thumbsup:

(Excellent sword fights shall ensue for sure!)
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MetaKnightFanStudent Digital Artist
Thanks!  Glad to see Amadeus is giving you ideas xD

(Looking forward to those fights too!  I'll work hard on getting better at action drawings to make those epic!)