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Published: May 2, 2016


I excuse myself for any swearing and rudeness, but I am done with being polite to him.

No, I won't delete this journal.


He deactivated from DeviantArt and Furaffinity. Please stop messaging me about him.
This drama is old and should die down finally.
TheChaosRuler drama is overSo someone told me that TCR deactivated and it is true. He deactivated both DA and FA accounts.
Idk if he will come back but yeah these are my final words on this topic.
If he doesn't get help, stops his acting and the such then it is his fault and not our problem. We have given him many chances and advice but if he doesn't take them to the heart then it is his own fault.
I myself am still in a depressive phase and went through a lot of shit, but I don't use it as an excuse to act like him, got myself help and am working on myself.
And to Chaos... Having fetishes is okay. I myself hate inflation and hyper butts, but each to their own. But then respect that others have their own and don't neccessarily like yours. Don't force people ro draw/rp/do fetish stuff if they clearly said they don't want to. Just because someone hates your fetish doesn't me they are bad people or dislike you as a person.
Idk if your depression or ''autism'' is for real but even so, do not use it as an excuse for


Extra Edit: I myself am suffering with depression and Social Phobia since many YEARS, also I have full blown Aspergers. BUT, I NEVER used it as a way to get free art or pity. Instead, I get myself HELP. Depression CAN be cured, so stop with your petty excuses. It angers me so much.

Note: This journal is like the 2nd most viewed thing on my entire account. It has more than 6,000(!) views which is GOOD, because people need to be aware of his ass. I myself don't care how long this journal gets, nor how much views it has in the end either. 


It doesn't seem he has any real whiteknights left, as they saw how fooled they were. Please do NOT go after any indivudials mentioned in this journal. I do not want any more drama of this topic.



Turns out after a note talk he had with a friend, he unblocked me and ''doesn't want to be my enemy anymore''.
Also sorry that some screencaps and such disappear, looks like DA is glitchy again... :c



More screenshots of his creepyness provided by


The story: nerdy-pixel-girl.deviantart.co…


06/02/2017 + 17/02/17 + 19/02/17

Oh ho ho, guess what. He changed his catchline to ''I hate Nintendo and Kirby'' and uploaded an another 2 meaningful hypocritical vent, plus he mt8flw's gf LEFT Chaos after finding out what a selfish bastard he is.~

Hypocrit and liar by Metaknighta 

Oh yeah Chaos, that's the sweet thing called ''Karma''.
''Apparently I got left by someone else again.'' -I wonder why *sarcasm*
''Someone who said she wouldn't leave me.'' -Mt8flw thought the same thing after you fucking dipshit told his gf lies and made her leave him.
''It's always the same thing, I get backstabbed by almost everyone.'' -Pffffft :,DDD Because EVERYTIME you meet a new person you'll make your next victim you always pull the same BS over and over again. You fucking backstabbed your own ''buddy'', so you my dear Chaos can shut the fuck up about ''backstabbers''. Surprise Spy emote
''This is what I get for trusting everyone so fucking easily.'' -These are the lines every new victim of yours tells to us after being used by you, also that's pretty funny coming from a manipulative denegerate like you.
I'm tired of this drama.'' -.....Then how about you let your past in the past, stop doing your BS all the time, stop using and harrassing people like you did with us, stop telling lies about Halgalaz and STOP FUCKING WHINING ABOUT SECTONIA.

Hypcocrit at his finests by Metaknighta

So now to this one, after all these years it was still your OWN FUCKING FAULT of what happened. You don't give a shit about your reputation anymore, so that means you'll go back to doing public shits instead of using notes and stash?
Boi, you wanna know what? There are dozens of people who are tired of your fatass and your bullshit.

Villian my ass by Metaknighta

Didn't you say ''I moved on from the whores''? If that's the case, why do you still draw Kirby related pics if you hate it so much? Yeah, I guess you took note of my FA comment before bawwlocking me where I said it's Star Dream who summoned Sectonia's clone, and that machine planning to destroy every organic lifeform is the last one who will make your lardass a god to avenge your waifu. ''No hate or else'' :,DDDD Or else what? The only thing you'll do is drawing an another crappy death-treat or bawwwlocking them.

So I went to his favorites section and typed in ''Kirby''....
Aside from Sectonia, I'm surprised how many pics of Kirby himself are in the favorites, despite his countes statements of ''hating the pink bastard''.

Now he edited his catchline to ''
I'm gonna get them, you'll see.''
-Lol, how will you do that? Is it reeevenge time again?

The biggest fucking lying clusterfuck by Metaknighta

Now THIS ^ is the biggest lying clusterfuck I've seen from him so far, it's just so full of lies and BS. Stare

This what I'm feeling right now, it ain't normal. Since 2014 I haven't really recovered. And there are those who say I fake my depression. It's not a damn joke, I don't like about my depression for attention. As a matter of fact I want to be alone all the time.'' -Shows you didn't ''move on'' like you claimed so fucking often. And yeah, you don't have depression over a FICTIONAL VIDEOGAME CHARACTER. If you don't want it for attention, then why the fuck do you always whine about it on an ART WEBSITE and throwing a pity party, then later you're all like ''boooty X3'' and upload more giant ass crap?
 You want to be alone? Then get off your fucking PC and do something in RL.
''One way or another people will stop making lies about my depression being fake.'' -How often do we have to tell you that you don't get depressed over a fictional bee? Facepalm
''Cause back in 2014, being in that mental hospital was not a jokez it wasn't a lie, it was real and I was a horrifying experience. It was like hell. Being locked away, deprived of your things. Insane people screaming all the time.'' -Why did you go to that mental hospital again? Oh yeah right, because Marshall and Halgalaz blocked you and you simply went apeshit.
''I've been pretending to be happy to please everyone cause I know that when I write my journals they get mad at me. I'm sorry but I need to take this out my chest. I'm done holding it all in, I need help and I need it now.'' -*sigh* Get off your PC and consult an actual therapist.

And to PinkieTane, the first and last parts of your comment are also full of shit. >_>
''It irritates me when people say you're lying about mental illnesses. Like so many people have this attitude that unless you embody all these specific stereotypes at all time you're not a ~real depression~ or a real x or what not. It's irritating how so many random people on the internet think they're armchair psychologists who can diagnose you as long as it's insulting, but the moment you show symptoms they're like "can't compute this, sorry" and try to undiagnose you like suddenly they know more about your condition than you.'' -Lmao, Chaos SELF DIAGNOSED himself! I'm not believing he has depression -espcially since it's about a fictional bee- until he shows an actual medical diagnosis paper. Lol, and you're supporting a self-diagnosed attentionwhore who wishes death on people, harrasses, scamms and isn't showing any effort in improving. I know if I had depression I'd go to a therapist until it's gone. I have been bullied the most of my school time and yes, I drew vent art because of it too, but I'd never upload them and whine for pity on the Internet.

''Don't hold it in! It's a trap. You do it because you want to make people happy, but it just eats you up inside and it's one of the most unhealthy things you can do. If you ever need to vent, just vent. The people who will get upset at you for venting are just garbage. They're the very type of people who are the armchair psychologists, and they don't know very much at all. If you ever need to vent but don't want to make a journal about it, you can always vent to me.'' -Okay, I agree with that, if you have depression take actions as quickly as possible and visit a therapist. So I'm garbage because some of his vents were fucking death-treats? I know that self-diagnosing is shit. I don't know how long you two know each other, but he isn't getting any better, right? He needs to let his past in the past, and learn that Sectonia won't come back, but in his art he can keep her alive.

And to quote BeautifulHooters19:
If he wants respect he has to earn it and using mental illnesses as an excuse is just wrong and doesn't justify his actions.''

Oh, I guess that's for me Chaos? :,D



According to Halgalaz mt8flw has ALSO been a victim of this guy's bullshittery, despite defending him so much. TheChaosRuler used him, AND made him loose his girlfriend. I honestly am...shocked. Now you see what kind of ''friend'' you were defending.

And I don't know how to say it, but...I  feel sorry for you. Being used for asskissery, whiteknighting, free art and then backstabbed.

I removed you from the whiteknight list, and we came to an understanding.



(First this fucker changed his tag to ''Fuck you Nintendo'' and now to ''I wish I was scooped''. Wow, attention seeking and depression shit all over again!)

Turns this fgt made a girl his victim aka HeavensBeautiful  like he did with us. Using her for free art and such and when she questioned his behavor, he sent her a rude-ass note. Check Zombii's journal for more info, I'll put some screenshots here.


Obviously :iconthechaosruler: bawwwlocked me~

This is a warning to all my friends and watchers: STAY AWAY from this guy, he can be very harmful and make you loose close people if he wants to.

TheChaosRuler and his whiteknights are NOT worth your time or effort, plus they won't listen to you anyway.

At this point I don't give a shit how much he gets trolled/harrassed, it's his own fucking fault.

However, I do not support anyone doing so. It could get you suspended or even banned.

If he shows up on your profile, pic, etc, just block him or ignore him. Just pretend he is not there.

Send your friends a link to one of our journals if you see this creep on their page.

TheChaosRuler is a manipulative, perverted, pathetic, lying, abusive, creepy, backstabbing scammer.


To his friends/supporters: I dare any of you to try defending this low-life scum

1. Why the rant?

So... My first actual rant about an another deviant that used to be my friend. I bet some of you also know this guy.
Why I'm writing a rant about you, ChaosRuler? Because I'm FUCKING TIRED off your attitude. -_- You and your ''depression'' about a fictional character aka Queen sectonia are just annoying, make no sense and are really stupid. Also, your abuse towards other people. You even said you wanted your ex-friends to be death, so don't play the innocent one. Unimpressed 
And I hope many see this to be warned of your actual behaivor. Also, I had a nice talk with Halgalaz aka an ex-friend of you, who told me the other shit you did. How long do you wanna pull this bullshit?

''Why didn't you report him yet?'' -Well, the coward mostly deletes all his pics/statuses/journals etc after people see his BS in them, so we can't track his shit. We may have our stash full of screenshot proofs, buuuuuut the DA staff doesn't accept screencaps as proof. Now we are lucky when victims provide us with screenshots of his BS notes and the such.

''He just wants attention, you are giving it to him. Leave him and move on.'' -Trust me, my friends tried that. HE is the one who should stop his doings. If someone kept telling lies about you, draws vent art of you, mentions you, gives death-treats and keeps saying shit about you behind your back with whiteknights showing on your profile, tell me how long you can ignore that.

2.  My story with him and he himself

Thanks to other people I found out he has -or HAD- 3 other acounts called ''watermelonsaregreen'', ''Dohvakiin2000'' and ''MegaFreak99''. They are now dead I guess, but you never know. He probably goes back to one of them when he decides to close his TheChaosRuler account.
:iconwatermelonsaregreen: :icondohvakiin2000: :iconmegafreak99: :iconthedestroyer200: :icondark-spyro-fan:
(Also on the Dohvakiin200 account you'll see his art hasn't improved at all even after 2 years.)
Liar alert... by MarshallTrap
^Older screencap shows that he was already doing things like this way before on his ''watermelonsaregreen'' acc, so several things he tells like he didn't like inflation before is a fucking LIE.

Oh godSeriously guys, stop talking to Watermelonsaregreen, he's just some kind of "joke" i've ever seen in my fucking life! Everytime I go to his DA profile, his posts makes me laugh ALOT! He's talking about depression because his favorite character not returning and talks about "suicide"... Guys... guys... IGNORE HIM! Don't waste time responding to his bay rants... 
And if YOU read this journal, oh god, the day where you're gonna get banned for your behavor... I'm gonna FUCKING LAUGH. And stop back talking to us (Me, Kirbycutieslove76 and more!) on your profile page. JUST COME AT ME BRO! I'm waiting for your funny hatress!
You're just a clown to us! Do you really think we're gonna forgive you for what you did to us? Haha, or nah! 
Found proof of his shitty actions from his very first account

You know, when I first saw him... He seemed and behaved like a nice guy. Really. I think his first comment was on one of my FNaF related pictures, since then we were ''friends''. Looking at his gallery, I was like ''Hey, not that good, but I'm sure he is one of those guys who will improve really fast! ^^'' ...This guy is here now for nearly 2 years. And his art hasn't improved ONE SINGLE BIT. I can look at mine and friends' older art and see that they improved. But not with you, Chaos. Some people can't draw, they just CAN'T draw. You are one of them, accept it.
Plus, he is 20 years old. I have friends who are about 16 years old and they draw 10 times better than him! Normally I'd say ''the age doesn't matter since every person improves differently fast'' but...not with him.
Then in December 2015 to February 2016 he started posting these ''suicidal'' journals and statuses and I told him to stop, because it WILL attract trolls and makes him look like an attention-whore. Later, he even uploaded a screenshot of a troll telling him to kill himself if he wanted to die so badly.
Plus on the status where I told him to stop doing this ''suicidal'' stuff, I saw his reply to a person saying he ''Wants ex-friends to be death''. one of the usual death threats for us by Halgalaz
Honestly, it was the first time I saw him writing stuff like this and gave me a really weird feeling since he never wrote rude stuff like this. I started wondereing who these ''ex-friends'' were. Then, shortly after my comment, Halgalaz send me a note in what she explained about her experience with this guy.

Our final conversation was on his pic here:
Then he blocked me and hid my comment.
comment he hid by Halgalaz

My reply would've been: ''I'M the one who offends people?! YOU are the one who says he wants his ex-friends to be dead!
It's okay to like a character, but not if you fucking obsess over her THAT much!''

When I wrote my journal and people start calling him out about my journal and a death-treat he drew, he wrote this:
he deleted it by Halgalaz  comment on the sorry journal by Halgalaz Chaos Proof 2 by Halgalaz
These screenshots are a good proofs how he always makes himself look like the victim.

When it comes to Art-Trades, he puts no effort whatsoever in his part nad makes the person's OC out of character, as seen here:

Dark Souls Lilac   Trade By Zombii Milkshake-d8lo2 by Cynical-Sushi Cynical-Sushi's part

My 'art Trade' by Cynical-Sushi TheChaosRuler's part

(Obviously Chaos deleted his old ATs he did with me.)
You could make this guy a full-body digital photorealistic 3D looking piece as your AT part, all you get will be an horrible half assed sketch/doodle taken with a bad mobile-camera.
Sometimes I could barely even SEE anything on the paper, so asked him to reline it.

He attempts to scam you, by onstantly saying he is ''busy'', ''he forgot'' or uses an event or anything else ''tragic'' as an ex
cuse to not do it. And if you keep asking about it, he'll say ''Stop spamming me.''
Look here:

Posted by Nerdy-pixel-girl

Then he even has the rudeness to say your piece ain't good enough. ^ With this person the icon they did was ''too blurry'' and for the user ''iieie'' it was ''Her booty is not drawn big enough.'' and he constantly mentions he wants the ass drawn big.
. by iieie
....Seriously? Dude, are you fucking serious?

You are potential to track his interest when you: Draw Kirby fanart, are an artist with an arerage artlevel or above, if you draw fetish art or simply characters with oversized butts and boobs -or just sexy/nsfw art in general.
It usually starts like this:
-He looks up an artist with good art
-He writes a comment on their profile page saying ''Hello :)'',  ''Hi :)'' or ''Nice to meet you :)''
-Faves some of their art and watches
-If the artist answeres, he will probably say he loves their art
-Shorty after that he asks for a trade
-Afterwards he'll say stuff like ''Let's do trades every weekend!'', not gonna lie I saw him saying that to a person.
-Then later he tells the person about ''the bullys'' aka us

Plus, he used to note me very often a day ''Hi buddy, wanna chat? :3'' Um, why not simply ask in the comments? I barely anything to chat about. Looking at Cynical-Sushi's rant, he also asked for fetish rps -and pictures from scenes of them- as well  I'm GLAD he didn't with me. Probably because I stated it very early that I HATE fetish art of inflation and giant bodyparts.
Your obsession with Sectonia and inflated/giant asses is creepy as fuck and disgusting. I hate fetish art in general -especially inflation/weightgain, giant asses/tits and vore. But hey, whatever floats your boat. (Still fucked up inflation drawings do not fall under mature content since it's a FETISH.) I met people with inflation fetishes, and they can also be very nice and tolerant.
At least he sometimes make paid commissions. Yet a majority of his ''OCs'' exept his Jester and Thunder Butt are adoptables made by other people. (He even sometimes gets these for FREE.)
If you didn't know, he only uses his characters for sexual/fetish art or for vents, what is a real shame, since some of them like Hiselle and Onryo have really cool designs. D:

Oh yes, not to mention his FETISHES. He is like I said into giant tits/asses and apparenty inflation too. But not ONLY that, he seems also to be into extreme sadism -seeing how he even tortues his own OCs and getting pleasure from seeing his ex-friend's OC's murdered- and not mention GIRLS BEING SWOLLEN UP FROM ALLERGIES. YES, MOTHERFUCKING ALLERGIES.
Allergies by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Not inflation by Nerdy-pixel-girl
^Mh yas, I remember this one as it was yesterday.
''I dislike the other ones, those are disgusting! I don't do inflation like those barbarians!!'' -Says the one thinking into swollen up girls due allergies are sexy and even drew his OC farting, and several inflation pics afterwards. (Also asking for inflation requests on his first account.)
''I can't hide who I am anymore'' - Now I know why :/

Excuse Me by Metaknighta

Tell me why you even LIKE Inflation in the first place.
1. You can't look up an anime or game character without finding this fucking inflated art about them, it is really annoying.
2. What the heck is so sexy about getting inflated into a ball of car size?????
3. I once had a stomach desease, causing my stomach to literally inflate and pressing against my lungs. It was painful as hell, I could barely breathe and couldn't eat.
4. Censored(!) nsfw art gets removed, but tons of fetish artwork like inflation are allowed to stay and need no mature content tag for some reason.
5. It is uncomfortable to look at if you don't like it.

''It's not bad as porn as it's really disgusting.''
....Are you kidding me? X,D

1. Inflation and your obsession over giant tits/asses is a FETISH.

''Any sexually arousing stimuli. While medical definitions restrict the term sexual fetishism to objects or body parts,[1] fetish can also refer to sexual interest in specific activities in common discourse.''
It turns you on, eventually gives you a boner. So it could be classified as nsfw as well.

2. Sure there is fucked up porn art. But ''normal'' porn as intercourse? What is disgusting about sex?
Also, YOU have tons of mature content tagged fetish pics in your faves AND you are a member of Furaffinity, aka an artside well known for it's Furry-PORN. I remember seeing porn in your faves there too, so yeah...


He seemingly has some sort of revenge fetish too.

Knowing he also wanted to commission pics of Halgalaz's characters (mainly Erodavelle) gettiing raped/spanking by him/his persona or OC.

Revengewhore by Metaknighta Further proof of his revenge bullshit

Nowadays he barely draws anything else than crappy fetish art or vents, and I even saw him lying ''I don't like NSFW!'' X,D
Then y u on Furaffinity and have LOADS of NSFW favorites on both sides?

If you give him your skype, facebook, -idk what other sides he is on- he will harrass you non-stop.

What he is also known for are his manipulative actions and victim playing, and turning best friends against each other for his own benefits.
making himself the victim by Halgalaz  The ONLY friend who says the TRUTH by Metaknighta
He manipulates them when talking about us, always making people think he is the ''innocent victim'' and that we bully him because of his fetish and love for Sectonia. Plus, he ignores any help even from his ''sis'' who spoke the truth -seen in the second screenshot.
Like seriously, mentioning ''the bullys'' aka us is one of the FIRST THINGS he does when he makes a new ''friend''.

Then he asks them for trades and asks several times for DAYS if they have finished their part, then after uploading theirs, he uploads his shitty part 5 minutes later.
My guess is he makes best friends leave each other when one of them starts getting suspicious of TheChaosRuler and tries to warn the friend about him.
(So let it be a red flag if he starts to try turning you against your best friend, tells lies about them like stuff they'd never do.)
I know Chaos did this shit with mt8flw and his gf. Chaos best female friend introduced them to each other, and obviously Chaos pulled the victim card and told him about us. mt8flw -from I saw from his conversation with Halgalaz- apparently thought we were trolls, and we started to fight on this:

Mature Content

Kirby's response to a certain person by Metaknighta

Which was a response to a vent picture. (Do not response to his comments, he no longer defends Chaosfucker.)
Later apparently Chaos told mt8flw's girlfriend (whom I will not name here unless she wants me to) several lies about him, that he was ''bipolar and needed help''. (And I saw comments of mt8flw saying Chaos doesn't try to improve and probably got more and more suspicious.)
That caused the girl to leave her love, just because this motherbricking liar knew his ''buddy'' was getting suspicious of his actions. TheChaosRuler doesn't care if he tears up relationships or friendships just for his own benefits.
What is also pretty hilarious is that he is one of those peeps who uses his ''mental dissorder'' to get pity and attention.

Everytime you call him out on his status, journal or drawing...he deletes it like the coward he is. :\

Lemmi explain why that's BULLSHIT by Cynical-Sushi

Death Threats:
thats what you get when you piss him off by Halgalaz  Deaththreat again by Metaknighta hate on FA artists by Halgalaz Another Death Threat by Halgalaz

So ''Christian'' + Suicide Threaths:
Last I checked christians didn't hate church. by Cynical-Sushi  Suicide threat 1  by Cynical-Sushi Imaginging ways he could die... ok. by Cynical-Sushi Suicide threat 4 by Cynical-Sushi

If that's not enough, what if I told you that he STALKS his ex-friends despite that he blocked them? He mainly stalks :iconhalgalaz: and :iconmarshalltrap:
He keeps mentioning them, draws vent art of them, talks shit  and liesabout them secretly behind their backs.
Vent, aka Death-Threat by Metaknighta
-> The pic he deleted soon after it got comments, but has it on FA.
My response to his deathtreat on FA by Metaknighta
-> My comment on the deathtreat. And guess what Chaos did? He deleted the pic without replying and bawwwlocked me!

PLUS, Cynical-Sushi and MarshallTrap can tell you that TheChaosRuler asked BOTH of them to ''shake their asses'' OVER A SKYPE CALL TO HIM.

Then, after a lot of people commented on our Rant Journals, called him out...he deactivated his account. ''FINALLY'' We thought.
But then...like 1 DAY later he REACTIVATED.
By the way, he sometimes had an icon with a bloody dead person in it. The dead person on his icon is the GTA V character ''Michael'' in his death scene. Chaos EVEN said he wants to die like Michael. ....Dude, just wtf... ._.

He even opened commissions and now owns a damn Patreon. Seriously, don't give him your hard earned money, this guy is an ungrateful douchebag who will only use it to get more fap material.

Also he is disrespectful as fuck to his parents. Wow, he got an XBox One for Christmas.

I guess your parents don't see the shit you write about them online, knowing he once also made a journal where he threw a hissy fit when his mom questioned his giant ass fetish after seeing some of his ''art''.

Fun fact: Not too long after I wrote this journal, he drew an another Vent of his OC killing Metaknight. I could be wrong, but I'm VERY sure this was supposed to adress me. And he chosed poor Metaknight, since my username is ''Metaknighta'' and he doesn't know what I look like. Plus, my previous icon was a genderbend MK.

-Besides that Mety would actually kick your OC's ass.


Thanks to Halgalaz and Zombii-Milkshake I found out that he made an ANOTHER victim!

The user known as HeavensBeautiful was also harrassed, and being treated very rude after questioning this fgt's ''depression''. Also the fatass wanted to commission someone to draw his Jester Kirby OC brutally murdering Halgalaz's ocs and ''spanking'' (I heard also rape) one of them. Dude..... WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Untitled by HeavensBeautiful

Also Halgalaz's commented version:

Absolute BS by Metaknighta


Thanks to a status from :iconnerdy-pixel-girl: who mentioned our journals, we get an another story about this creep with more screencaps I didn't even know where able to proof the creepyness and hypocritism of our dear Booty Lover.
X,D Apparently he got ''threatened'' via note.

Recently he made a salty bullshit pity journal which proofs he is indeed an attentionwhore -which our dear coward without balls obviously deleted after the adressed person aka Nerdy-pixel-girl commented on it, but luckely she took a screenshot.

Look at this beautiful colletion: sta.sh/22ev2vf9wb72

(Copypasting in case it gets deleted)

''Okay, so a friend asked me to help her, bc a creep who harassed her and her friends, including sexual harassment, stalking, bullying, even being used for AT's that were either never finished or not finished until much later ( depending on the person ) was noted by me, with words from a friend, nothing rude, nothing mean or harassing.

They read the note today, and literally ignored me, and posted lies about me saying that I have attacked them.

They are a massive attention seeker, do not trust/believe them please, there is a massive amount of proof against them, even on their page, they 'forget' about doing AT's with people, lie about being bullied/harassed, and cause all kinds of issues, they claim to be mental but self diagnosed, they also say "I hate kirby!" but fav tons of pics of him, they claim to hate inflation art, and other creepy fetishes, but then draw them and talk about how much they love them, they are a terrible liar lol.

He talks about suicide and death all the time, and makes scenes out of everything, he's really pathetic. :/

And yes I get that suicide is a big deal, but he makes a joke out of it, that's what I am saying, he fakes it.

He drag innocent people into things, he's commissioned rape/death art of other people's OC's, he draws ex friends dying/dead etc.''

And is all around sick, but do not attack them, if you wanna comment on the journal okay, but it's a waste of time as he wants the attention and doesn't care what you think or say, he twists words around, it'd be best to report and or block.''



Believe it or not, it IS true. From what I know Chaos HIMSELF drew the sketch of this monstroity. (To prevent harrassment, I won't mention the name of the colorist of this collaboration.)
 Halgalaz in the picture is preburned, aka the most innocent Character of Halgalaz. Chaos INSISTED on it.
Halgalaz has this picture in her stash as proof of TheChaosRuler's sickfuck mind.

3. His ''depression'' 

Let's go to the most annoying part: His ''depression''. Oh boy...where do I start?...
I think it started when he drew a lot of these ''Vents'' and posted statuses like ''Kill me'' and ''I want to die''... I wondered, and searched why he had that bad mood. ........Oh boy. Why? Just because his waifu, aka Queen Sectonia from ''Kirby Tripple Deluxe'' was ''killed'' and only appears as some sort of copy in ''Kirby Planet Robobot''. Facepalm 
He consantly bashes Nintendo for ''messing with his feelings'' and ''destroying him''. Do you think Nintendo cares if they hurt some fan's feelings who is obsessed with one villian? Like seriously, he claims Nintendo ''targets him'' and always writes cheesy stuff about Sectonia's death. :,DDD
He even says he wants Sectonia as a canon good guy or to always re-appear like Bowser. Not to mention that Sectonia is FICTIONAL. She is a villian like all all the others: They are evil -for any reason whatsoever- and might appear in the following game as a boss in the arena.
Look here comments.deviantart.com/4/3557… and here Sectonia again

It is sad that a 20 year old bases his life and mood on a fictional videogame character. I once said to him that his OBSESSION and what I mentioned is getting creepy. Yet, in a newer drawing he said I meant the crush he has on Sectonia.

Let me tell you something, the love of my life is a fictional character as well, aka Magellan from OnePiece -and my crush used to be Black Kyurem from Pokemon when I was younger. (Yes, I just admited that here and call me a weirdo if you want to, I don't care.) Maggs nearly died in the Manga, but I didn't get depressed over that. I still enjoy kicking his ass in OP games. Also I don't go ''Nooooo Magellan is not gonna be playable in OP Burning Blood... I'll drink a bottle of vodka and write constant statuses about having depression...'' And I guess I have more reasons to like Magellan besides his body and appearance compared to you with Sectonia.

Why he ''loves'' Sectoniass by Metaknighta

^ Lmao, shows he only likes Sectonia because of his fucking fetish.

If you look behind his BS, you'll see that he is just writing those journals and statuses to get sympathy and attention and pity from his watchers with that ''I want to die'' bullshit. Boy, if you REALLY have depression, then first get off the internet and get some REAL help from an actually therapist and not your asskisser racist friend.
Just like those Attentionwhores. Plus, this is an ART side, not something to whine about your feelings like Tumblr for fucks sake!
Depression is a serious thing that happens over a long time, even years and is caused by:
- Dead of your partner or very close person
- The loss of something importand like your home or job
- The loss of social contact
- Constand bullying at your workplace, school, etc.
- Too much perfectionissm


TCR logic by Metaknighta
How dare someone question your ''depression'' about a fictional bee!

Also, he uses ANYTHING that happens just to get attention.

He goes as far as abusing his own FRIENDS and a guy that was defending him.

If you get depressed over a fictional character's death and what to kill people who don't agree with you, then you surely are mentally unstable and should consider getting help.

4. His whiteknights (Also mentioned above)


A certain dude whom used racism as arguments....
Entire conversation my friend Miiship had with him here:

Bitchy responses and arguments:
Oh god

He showed up shortly after my journal, and brought out the worst/lamest attacks: RACISM
I hope the "rotten French people who deserved the ISIS bombing", shove a baguette in your ass so you think about what you just said, you racist fuck. <3
(Never saw him defending again.)

Then there was another one, who basically wrote walls of comments, telling you she would ignore your reply. She was the one telling my friend Chaos is autistic, and we should be nice to him, no matter how much he insults us.
(From I saw she apparently deactivated.)

The rest is mainly beeing like: ''Bawwww you are bullying him!''

You little whiteknights are just making your dear Chaosfucker's reputation worse you know.

5.  Final words

I myself am fucking done with you. I lost all my respect for you and just keep digging your hole deeper. Continue whining about your fictional bee queen, it won't do ya any good. Stare  I actually unblocked you, since now you don't have the balls to type somthing here anymore and you'll rather send your little whiteknights. Call your friends on me or others for defense all you want, we WILL fight back.
And don't you dare annoy friends of mine. I saw you on Miiship's profile, wanting a note chat because your ''depression''. Leave my warden of love alone and go back fapping to Sectonia. That Darkrai-Troll already annyoed, but in the 3 years I've been on this website I never was so mad at someone. And that someone is you. And it takes SOMETHING to piss ME off.

I still see you drawing Kirby stuff and writing journals about it. Kirby in your video suggestions show that you still watch Kirby related things, besides hating him. ''What I've been trough...'' He sounds like he is a victim of terrorism or something, and there are people who have their family killed and raped in front of them, and HE makes a drama about a fictional BEE. >_>

Jeez, go outside, do something besides this shit. Maybe you can do other art like photography, photoshopping, sculpting? Who knows.
I saw your older paintings. Not gonna lie, they are pretty good but you waste your time on crappy vent and fetish doodles. :/
It's not to late to change your ways and apologize, Chaos. BUT I know I won't accept it after all you did and said.
You know what? If this escalates into bigger drama and more people find out about you, don't be surprised if you happen to get actual parody art. And the worst that could happen is when you end up with an article about yourself on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Also, I won't take this journal down ever. You brought this all onto yourself!

After I wrote my journal, other people wrote theirs as well. Those are from Cynical-Sushi and Halgalaz:
Warning Journal - TheChaosRuler (OLD!)WARNING: LOTS of swearing and opinions down below. Read at your own risk.
This has gone on for long enough, and I am sick and tired of all of it.
Any updates and added information will be provided near the bottom of this journal.
It is about fucking time I brought all of this to light. You stopped talking to me and un-watched me, so I can only assume you want nothing else to do with me. I don't have to defend you anymore. We're not friends, and now it's time to warn others so that they don't have to go through the same BULLSHIT you put me and so many other people through.
A little journal for
Oh god, HIM AGAIN.Yes, TheChaosRuler has another victim.
You can read everything on my friend's journal to see all the evidences: 
What i have to say
Seriously? Asking people to draw your stupid character KILLING or SPANKING my friend's characters and still calling yourself a VICTIM?! You peverted fucko. You know what? Everything that happened lately, you fucking deserved it. Call me whatever you want, but all the shit that happened to you the 2 last years, you deserved it. But apparently, you haven't learned your lesson. And the white knight that contacted me last month, trying to reason my friend and I, making us think that he's such an angel and a beautiful person who's misunderstood. FUCK THAT SHIT. I DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT. 

What you

Please, whenever you see TheChaosFucker bragging someone for an Art-Trade or Request, show the person these journals. You can help us very much by spreading our journals.
If you were a victim of his BS, tell me per note and feel free to provide with screencaps. I can keep you anonym on them if you want.

Halgalaz's stash proofs: sta.sh/21kpoqmf0q3s


[link] <-A song that fits him
[link]<-One of his vids reuploaded
[link] Dramatic reading

NOTE: I do NOT agree with people telling him to ''kill himself''. Suicide is not the best way out. And suicide over a fictional character and 2 year old drama is definitly NOT worth it.

I am NOT associating with anyone sending him death-treats.

BUT, if he can draw vents, death-threats and ''revenge art'' featuring us, WE are also free to draw parody art and responses.

My depression/social phobia therapy ends in two weeks and I'll come back. I have changed a lot in that time to the better and have opened my eyes in a new view.
All this time oh my god....my mind....how was I so fucking stupid and pathetic the last 2 years?...
My flaws don’t look so bad at all. What was I so afraid of?
Why was I hating on myself so badly?
In 2017 I legimatally wanted to commit suicide 3 times. I self-harmed myself, not with blades....but still. I am not kidding.
Being jealous of my friends, that their artwork got more attention than mine. Saying my artwork is trash, shit, garbage and I can't draw at all. Getting jealous and upset I am not getting commissioned or traded with as well, barely getting any compliments for my artwork which is as good as theirs. Jealous they were mainly talking to others and praising them more.
My friends were annoyed because I did this. They didn't say it, but I know they were.
Gone in Therapy (Semi-Hiatus)The coming Friday 12th January I will (finally) go in therapy to cure my social-phobia and depression. As I stay there stationary, i am not allowed to bring my PC, Nintendo or any other Internet/Game relatives and don't have a smartphone I could use, don't expect me to be active the following weeks.
I will only come home on weekends and upload art there. I am allowed to bring drawing stuff so I can still work on trades and finish them on weekends. I will try to still finish the contest drawings for the contests I wanted to join.
It could be that I'll make some changes on my profile and in general when I come back, as once my depression is gone I'll stop with selfhate and bashing myself and be more open and believe in myself.
Extra: You know what I hate? People who say there is no cure for depression and keep using it as way to get pity, free stuff and attention. These people make others with depression look bad. Or those who don't even have it and just pretend t

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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
Good news! He's gone!
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is an old journal about him, but I' would like to say that I've been a victim of him as well. I honestly felt pressured because he kept on asking for the butt fetish requests, which I started to get highly uncomfortable with over time. I honestly thought he was a nice person, but he's just a sick fuck that tries to get what he wants. He's like a man-child in a way so to speak and it's disgusting. Also, it is awful when people fake depression for attention.
(I'm not looking to start drama at all but I've been meaning to say this.)
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
You can tell me via note if you want.

When did it happen? If recently...man this guy does not learn does he?
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I can tell you through note. And it was 2 years ago.
Metaknighta's avatar
MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
If you like. It helps getting new warning signs from him.
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Metaknighta's avatar
MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
I remember seeing you commenting on his stuff sometimes and yeah....over years we all learned: He doesn't and will never listen to advice people give him. Instead of starting all over, he prefers digging his hole and whine how shitty his life is, drawing crappy vents and fetish arts, scam other peoples for trades/requests and using his pseudo depression for pity and asspats. Trust me, me any many other people tried to get it through his thick skull, but he refuses to learn. :/ So I don't blame you for being fed up with his shit.

I've been wanting to do a rant video on him since a loooong time ago (basically when this journal was freshly new), but I lacked time and equipment. If you want to do that, go ahead. I recommed checking the journals others made as well, they have infos as well. ^^

Oh btw, I made a video about him one year ago if you want to check it out:
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This is Pinkietane. I don't go by she/her, btw.
This journal is old, I know but Jesus Christ, I should apologize for defending that creep. Thechaosruler made me uncomfortable too, but he kept manipulating me into talking to him by complaining about his "ex-friends", which was more like saying I would be the bad guy too if I left and that he would make a big deal of it. I was still the same age as him and therefore I was being irresponsible for defending him instead of confronting him. I knew he was creepy, but now I find that he is a straight up pedophile.  I didn't know about him creeping on minors, but even ignorance does not excuse my defending him, as I simply shouldd have known better. One of the reasons I deactivated was because I knew something wasn't right about him, and I should have at least suspected based on his behaviors and creepy fetishes what that something was. I don't think I can make up for this, and it would be wrong to ask for forgiveness from any of the people he hurt. Goddamn it. I thought about him today and it just then clicked what kind of person he reminded me of, and I had this horrible fear. Now it seems that the fear was true. Oh god. What the fuck have I done? How could let a pedophile manipulate me? I think I'm going to be sick. I hope there is a way to get him banned.
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
I actually didn't really expect you to comment here, but thank you for explaining all this to me. And sorry, I didn't know you don't use female pronouns for you. (I was only basing myself on your previous username)

As I do not want anymore drama about this thematic (because I am tired of it) I want to apologize if I was rude to you in any way, as I didn't know he manipulated you that badly. So you don't have to blame yourself.

Idk if I'd call it pedophilia, as they are older than 14 but still under 18, but it is still it is sick.

He has manipulated many people, some more than others. I mean, he made a dude loose his girlfriend...
There are many people like this on DA unfortunatly, it angers me that the staff doesn't do anything against such users. ''DA doesn't accept screenshots as proof/evidence''

I honestly now ignore him, I sometimes check his profile but he still only makes fetish and vent crap. (And still hasn't improved.)
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You don't need to apologize for being rude. If you were rude, it was deserved because I was being stupid, and I honestly don't even remember it. 
I feel like I still have some responsibility in this. The only reason he managed to manipulate me was because I was naive. At least I've learned something from the situation... I just can't believe he did all this to so many people, and for what? Free art? I can't believe he really caused someone's girlfriend to break up with them. That's incredibly messed up. 

He was still an adult preying on minors. I think you could still call him a pedophile, although a doctor would probably say he has ephebophilia or whatever.

DA staff is useless at times. You could even report stuff against the rules and they'd still do nothing about it. 

I've been ignoring him too, haven't even thought of him for a while. I don't think he'll ever change or get better. I tried to help him before, and it looks like I wasn't the only one, but no matter what he still clung to unhealthy obsessions and fetishes. 
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
I mean, I called him an asshole when you were still ''friends''. (In quotation marks as you were manipulated.) Obviously if someone called my friend one out of the blue I'd be angry too.

Manipulating people by using mental disorders such as depression is apparently quite easy. Even without depression these type of people go around crying on everyone's shoulder, with the only purpose to ''befriend'' them and get free stuff out of them for pity. Thing is, I myself know how shitty it feels after finding out you have been used just for that and you learn a person's true colors. And when you question them, they really show how they are.

For ChaosRuler, he doesn't realize that constantly putting up whiney journals/status updates of his persoonal life ain't bringing him nowhere. Like seriously, aside getting free art such as requests and trades (trades are basically free art for him too, as his own part takes like less 5 minutes to draw), spamming people in comments and notes about his ''depression'', i wonder why the hell he is on an art website. (And he isn't the only one whom I think off like that....)
If he wants pity about his oh-so-shitty life, why doesn't go to tumblr or twitter???

This website has become a trashhole for some parts honestly. When you report something, the staff simply gives you a copypasted part of their site rules and that's it.

I myself have been diagnosed with Depression and Social Phobia, and I don't write 3 line journals every week about how shitty I felt sometimes nor beg for pity or free art. It makes others with these disorders look bad.
Many many people tried to reason with him but...eh I guess he simply doesn't get it in his thick skull...
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Sorry for the late reply.
And yeah, I guess. I honestly forgot much about that. I really don't even know why I was so defensive about it back then, though. He weirded me out.

Yeah, he's made so many enemies doing that manipulative shit. He's just hurting people and he probably doesn't even see it. I bet he hangs out on DA because if he got any attention on Tumblr, he'd be ridiculed. Don't know about Twitter, but probably there too. Plus DA seems to be the place for people with weird, gross fetishes... 
The fact that he blames his depression on Kirby is strange.... I get that he probably has some special interest in Kirby or whatever but it's obsessive, unhealthy and seems to be solely about fetishizing a bee. I would almost feel sorry for him that he never seems to understand any reason, or improve any, but he's just too nasty...

Yeah, there's trash everywhere on this site, stuff that's against the rules, and staff does nothing. Maybe if they upheld their own rules, this site wouldn't have such a bad reputation for weird shit. 

Yeah I had a case of depression too and anxiety and stuff like that and hearing him blame the cause of his mental illness on a video game and "ex friends" he only met on this site was kinda insulting. TBH I thought he was just plain clueless... 
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
Even back then he weirded you out?
I became weirded out when he started with his fetish crap...when i was still his friend.

Yes, but still he makes himself the victim and whines about Kirby. It is pathetic really.
Lmao you never know with Tumblr and Twitter, but if he wants to be an attentionwhore he shuld go there, not on an art website.
YES, at least on Furaffinity they put the mature content tag on that kind of shit. But FA is more calm with fetishes in some parts than DA and says something...
Here are people with flattening, hair and weird photomanipulation fetishes, wtf???
Proof that it is bullshit, who gets depressive over not having their waifu becoming a good guy???? He fetishizes over Sectonia because of ''DAT ABDOMEN''. :,)))
If he is that obsessed with a fictional character that it is getting unhealthy he really needs to get some help.

Sad really, most people see Deviantart's users as Sonic OCs making Inflation fetishists. But yeah, the staff should follow their own rules.
I am in therapy, and I'll write one last journal featuring this topic as depression CAN be cured and is not an excuse to be a dick. Depression comes mostly over years of events, not because your waifu ''died'' and your friends reject you because of your weird fetishes. It is extremely insulting.
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Yeah, I found out about his fetish stuff early. I didn't want to be mean or judgmental or anything, and I had yet to learn "distancing yourself from people who make your uncomfortable is not mean", so I just tried to ignore it. But then he made it hard to ignore. :/

Well, there's nothing to say that he isn't on multiple sites, which makes me shudder. Someone like him shouldn't be on sites filled with decent people, much less minors since he apparently preys on those people. 
And yeah, there's every single fetish on this site you can imagine, and it's horrifying. You can't look up anything on this site without finding shit you don't want to see. 
It's so uncomfortable. I'm thankful he's fetishizing a bee rather than a real woman, because his attitude over this bee he "loves" is really worrying. It's purely sexual and obsessive and extremely unhealthy. 

Yep! I had depression for eight whole years, and it was a long struggle, but now I don't have any problem with it anymore. You can make progress with depression, and what's more, it's possible to make self-progress inspite of depression. But no matter how many people try to help him, he doesn't seem to change any. I'd hate to make assumptions about someone who is actually mentally ill, and maybe there is more going on than we think, but sometimes I thinK Chaosruler confuses feeling sad with having depression. 
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
Exactly. Others told me he then started to spam them with note requests, asking for fetish art. NO means NO, but he kept digging anyways until they either did it or blocked him. :/

He has like a reverse midas touch whenever something catches his interest, lmao. If he wants to see big asses, he can go on porn sides like a normal person, like ffs it is not that difficult.
Also yeah, sometimes I think this side should be re-named to ''DeviantFETISH'' or 'FetishART'.
Yep. It is still an unhealthy obsession, but better a fictional character than a real person. As I told him before, it is not love. It is a pure obsession.

It starts with building selfesteem. Mine is very low, but I am working on it. I am not writing 3 paragraph weekly journals to get asspats. Like, he is 21 no? If his family is 'so shitty', why doesn't he move out and get a job?
I really hate it when people either fake mental disorders or use them as an excuse for anything. He should get real help and not seek for attention.
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MetaknightaHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
This journal is pretty old news by now.
From what I know he still uses his depression as a way to get attention and asspats, idk about the other stuff.

Longstory short: As I have social phobia and depression I do NOT support using any mental disoder as a way to gain false sympathy or free art, it makes you look weak and pathetic. If you have problems, go seek HELP NOT ATTENTION.

Art only becomes good through PRACTICE. Art doesn't have to be drawing. It can be photographie, sculpting, writing, etc.
ChaosRulers paintings were pretty neat and had potential, but he only wastes his time on vent and fetish stuff.
You can't do deformed anatomy without knowing basics, k?
I explained something like that to him in a LONG comment some time ago, that was neutral worded and the answer I got was him deleting the picture.

I know people are sometimes jealous of others fame or skills, but many did never ask to be popular. From nothing comes nothing.
Try to not be jealous and only look at others art. Focus on your own to get better in your own pace. Some learn faster, some slower.
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"This guy is here now for nearly 2 years. And his art hasn't improved ONE SINGLE BIT."

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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
This journal is relativly old news now. I don't really know if he stills pulls his shit, but he honestly still hasn't improved his art. :/
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MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
I still won't forgive him. What I hate the most is that he uses his ''depression'' as a way to get free art or attention. Like hell, I have depression and social phobia and I don't do any of that shit.

About his art, his paintings are actually pretty decent. But he downgraded into a fetish tartlet.
Kirbymyfriend972's avatar
Yeah I have depression too but I'm not a dick (at all)

An yeah he has somewhat good concept about basic body anatomy
Metaknighta's avatar
MetaknightaHobbyist General Artist
Lmao his paintings could improve if he would try and not only draw fetish and vent crap all the time, buts his anatomy (in his drawings) is way below a ''good concept''. Like seriously you can't get deformed bodies right if you can't even get basic anatomy right.
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