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Lady Death by Metaknighta Lady Death :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 8 0 My mother is unbearable by Metaknighta My mother is unbearable :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 6 4 Shinigami Dreams by Metaknighta Shinigami Dreams :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 5 0 Shinigami Sensei by Metaknighta Shinigami Sensei :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 16 2 Who are you? by Metaknighta Who are you? :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 10 5
[Kekkei Genkai] Kinton/Metal Release (unfinished)
Classification and Contents: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Nintaijutsu, Senjutsu –  Forbidden, Sword & Weapon, Medical, Sealing, Chakraflow & absorbation  (Depending on the usage)
-Hakkinkaku (Platinum)
-Dóukaku (Copper)
-Kinkaku (Gold)
-Ginkaku (Silver)
In the Kaku-Clan, the only ones who possess this Kekkei Genkai are the ones having their haircolor based on a natural metal. This means, it only accures within the haircolors of Gold, Silver, Copper, Cobalt, Iron, Nickel and Platinum groups (osmium, platinum, palladium and rhodium). Both men and women can have it.
For activation, the user must first meditate in the clan's lotuscave to get in contact with the spirits of the clan, because it requires their approval to use that clan's special Kekkei Genkai.
While meditation, the user enters a ''sage'' mode to feel the whole earth's
:iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 2 1
[Contest Entry] [Round 1] Blast from the past by Metaknighta [Contest Entry] [Round 1] Blast from the past :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 20 5 [F.S.] I hate you by Metaknighta [F.S.] I hate you :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 13 9 [Naruto OC] Kaiso no Takoizu by Metaknighta [Naruto OC] Kaiso no Takoizu :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 16 2 [Naruto OC] Kitsuna by Metaknighta [Naruto OC] Kitsuna :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 23 0 Sparring for fun by Metaknighta Sparring for fun :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 6 0 [NSFW] Not as planned by Metaknighta
Mature content
[NSFW] Not as planned :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 12 3
[Naruto OCs] KinGin Kids by Metaknighta [Naruto OCs] KinGin Kids :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 11 0 [Gift] Team Shee by Metaknighta [Gift] Team Shee :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 24 4
[Naruto Next Gen OC] Melodie Karamiatta Bio
--- Basic Info ---
Name: Melodie Karamiatta
Kanji: メロディー 絡み合った
Meaning: Melodic mangled
Alias/Nicknames: ''Cripple'', Cyborg
Epithets/Titles: Metal crash, Blue curly monster
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 26th May
- Epilogue: 9
- Gaiden: 11
- Boruto Next Generations: 13
Astrological zodiac sign: Twins
--- Characteristics ---
Blood type: O+
Epilogue: 122cm / 4'
Gaiden: 139cm / 4'6
Naruto Next Generations: 145cm / 4'8
Epilogue: 34kg / 74,9lb
Gaiden: 41kg / 90,4lb
Naruto Next Generations: 47kg / 103,6lb
Body shape: Average, weak
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair color: Dark blue
Hair styles: Long, very curly, tied together
Skin: Redish tanned
Unusual Features: Prosthetics as lower arms, hands and lo
:iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 1 0
Fox Brothers AU by Metaknighta Fox Brothers AU :iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 17 9
Touch Three Markers Stamp by DMC-CorbeauNoir Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojo Stamp: Colored pencils by ibis-died
Wow I've committed a HORRIBLE CRIME! by TRASHYADOPTS [Stamp] KinGin by Metaknighta Wow I've committed a HORRIBLE CRIME! by TRASHYADOPTS
I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Photoshop Stamp by mushir GIMP Stamp by ClaireJones

DON'T repost, edit, trace or steal my art!
If I can catch you doing it anyway I will report you!

You are NOT allowed to commission/request any artwork from other artists that has my ocs in it without my permission, unless it is a gift for me.
But general gift arts are always welcome.~


death have to explain someting by ImoonArt death have to explain someting :iconimoonart:ImoonArt 167 103
Dear Deviantart ((Spread this, Seriously.)) UPDATE
Please read the ENTIRE Journal. Do not skim through it, you will end up missing details. Thank you.

Dear Deviantart

Stop allowing Men and Women to flaunt their body off for cheap veiws. There is a difference between Artistic Nudity and "I have a dick, look at it" or "I have a pussy, look at it" 

And dont get me started on the artists and groups that make their views off of hentai.

Stop allowing Cheap Fetish Art on the website too. There are Other Websites For Stuff Like That. Deviantart is an ART website, not a Masturbation den for people that have fetishes such as In
:icontheonephun211:TheOnePhun211 252 604
One Piece: Another Road   Page  11 by Nathan123qwe One Piece: Another Road Page 11 :iconnathan123qwe:Nathan123qwe 6 0 Candleblight Festival || Candletown Faire by Malfey-VII Candleblight Festival || Candletown Faire :iconmalfey-vii:Malfey-VII 117 20 CM - Cervantes and Sophitia by psyclopathe CM - Cervantes and Sophitia :iconpsyclopathe:psyclopathe 44 10 Ashley character sheet by Ashley389 Ashley character sheet :iconashley389:Ashley389 6 11 Naruto OC: Gontodoshi Tetsuji of Iwagakure by Gontodoshi Naruto OC: Gontodoshi Tetsuji of Iwagakure :icongontodoshi:Gontodoshi 12 4 Naruto Shippuden OCs: Yumemi fighting with Ekitai by karinartz Naruto Shippuden OCs: Yumemi fighting with Ekitai :iconkarinartz:karinartz 41 23 Ding Dong by InstaQuarius Ding Dong :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 10 21 Inko Sekisei by suruatonin Inko Sekisei :iconsuruatonin:suruatonin 18 1 Syrus by Halgalaz Syrus :iconhalgalaz:Halgalaz 96 105 OC Tourney - Round 1 - Raiton: Static Rush by PenelopeJadewing OC Tourney - Round 1 - Raiton: Static Rush :iconpenelopejadewing:PenelopeJadewing 36 20 Trashboi by Halgalaz Trashboi :iconhalgalaz:Halgalaz 118 39 Dark Waters by Halgalaz Dark Waters :iconhalgalaz:Halgalaz 123 77 The Floor is Lava by artcus The Floor is Lava :iconartcus:artcus 9 2
The art I love or I just find funny. ^^ Also from the People with amazing drawing skills.
If I had to fave everything I like, I had to fave the half of Deviant-ART...




Metaknighta's Profile Picture
The Wardress
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Red Hearts- Free to use by Undead-AcademyTaken by Miiship Red Hearts- Free to use by Undead-Academy
German Stamp by KillboxGraphics Bisexual stamp by pulsebomb Female stamp by Sweetie-Pinkie Aspergers-Stamp by Dinoclaws I Love Guinea Pigs by LadyQuintessence
I draw stuff I like, mainly fanart for series I am in recently, OCs and my own things. I love ''weird'' stuff like drawing anthros of things with tits and curves, also enjoying a daily dosis of a Golden-Haired Ninja and the Venomous Prison Warden.

If there is anything in my gallery you don't like (NSFW, crossovers, certain characters/pairings, or anything else) then ignore, move on and keep your hate comments to yourself, thank you.
Trolls, Spammers and Haters will be hidden and blocked.
I am motherfucking sick and tired of people telling what art topics/characters
I should or shouldn't draw because they don't like what I do.

I try to find new friends, please don't be afraid to talk to me...but I don't like people befriending me only for the sake to get free art from me.
I DON'T do roleplays NOR REQUESTS, so STOP asking.
No Kiribans by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke ACEOs - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Trades - Open by SweetDuke Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

About me + RulesI deleted the other one, here is a new better one.

Why am I writing this? Because for some reason new people always end up on my profile and I am honestly tired of explaining some things over and over again.

About me
-I am female and bi. Taken, so I am not interested in anyone aside my fictional anime husbandos.
-I do not want anything to do with Homophobes, pedophiles, animalfuckers, weird fetishists, Bible extremists (especially Homophobic ones), bad trolls and people who just are here for drama.
-Despite me being bi, I do NOT want to be a part of the LGBT+ community. I have my reasons to.
-My main franchises are One Piece, Naruto, Kirby and Pokemon.
-I hate harem pairings such as NaruHarem, LuffyHarem, etc.
-I dislike persistant attention whores who only complain.
I am motherfucking sick and tired of people telling what art topics/characters
I should or shouldn't draw because they don't like what I do.
The Return of CommissionsAfter long thinking, I have decided to open commissions again for all.
Some things beforehand:
As I want to reduce my time sitting at the PC, the commission could take a while, depending on what it is.
 Depending on how detailed/time taking the commissioned characters are, it will be extra charge.
I won't accept commission that I feel like I am not able to do, as I don't want to provide you half-assed work you paid much for and I want to do commissions for fun and not as a buisness.
Close friends and people who commission me often may get a discount. Heart

For Art-Trades and Collabs look here:

Bullet; Green I draw:
- Male, Female, Trans, Herm/Futa
- OCs, Canons, Fusions, Parody, OC X OC, Canon X Canon, Canon X OC, Genderbender
- Humans, Furrys/Scalies, Anthros, Mecha (as long as not too complicated)
- Fantasy creatures:
Art Trades/Collabs rules
Bullet; Green I draw:

- Male, Female, Trans, Herm/Futa
- OCs, Canons, Fusions, Parody, OC X OC, Canon X Canon, Canon X OC, Genderbender
- Humans, Furrys/Scalies, Anthros, Mecha, etc.
- Fantasy creatures: Centaur, Harpy, Slime, Lamia, etc.
- NSFW 18+ aka Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero, Threesomes, Futa, Nudity, BDSM, Bondage, Slime, Tentacles
- Simple nude/ecchi
-Pregnant and MPreg (only normal and NON fetish wise)
(For any mature art the character must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise I'll age him/her up.)

Bullet; Red I won't draw:

-Any weird fetish DeviantFart brought upon us, aka Inflation, Fat/Weightgain,
Vore, Paw/Feet, Hairfetish (yes it exists), Hyper (boobs/butts/muscles/etc.),
Transformation, Flattening, Diapers, Scat (piss/shit), Fart, and any other weird exotic fetish.
- NSFW 18+ Any weird fetish me

Team Fortress 2 Stamp by JourneytoRevenge BLU Team Stamp by SupaSoldier I Main the Medic Stamp by Disdainful-Loni TF2 Engineer Stamp by MrEchoAngel Anti-Team Equestria 2 by TheYUO
Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-Girl Pokemon Black and White Stamp by Kevfin Black Kyurem by Marlenesstamps White Kyurem by Marlenesstamps DA Stamp - Actual Pokemon 01 by tppgraphics
One Piece Stamp 2 by ChrissyM STAMP: Impel Down by Vegapunk89 Franky Stamp by CamelieMimika [Stamp] ZOMG WORST CHARACTER by Metaknighta [Stamp] I don't like Trafalgar Law by Metaknighta
Naruto Shippuuden Stamp by flyingdown2011 Killer Bee Stamp by darkfelbu [Stamp] KinGin by Metaknighta [Stamp] KinGin Brothers by Metaknighta [Stamp] I've always hated it by Metaknighta
Kumogakure Stamp by Nightingale9 OC Support by DoctorMLoli I support Reeze Stamp by KobayashiSoul Stamp Yuriko by WilnaahStamps Ayumi stamp by ZombieChocolate

Make Alternate Universes, Not Fandom Wars by RensKnight I love Alternate Universes by Robaschi .:Headcanons:. by Mitochondria-Raine stop acting like they do by deadstamps This One Could Go All Sorts of Ways by Mintaka-TK
Rule 34 rules by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Warnning NSFW ART Stamp by GreaserDemon Hentai Lover Stamp by EmeraldTokyo Stamp - Equal Hentai by foxlee Anthros by Blubble-The-Blubs
How the FUCK does that make sense to you!? by Yoshi1337 no, i dont think gender and sex are the same thing by deadstamps That's utter bullshit. [EDIT] by SaiSuta Text: Creative GenderBending - Pink by Vulpixi-Stamps It's Always Been a Common Form of Fanart by Mintaka-TK
''LOL WHY ARE U GETTING SO WORKED UP OVER THEM??'' by deadstamps What is My Life? by ashesto Character love by SA948-Stamps Fictional Characters by TheAngelTears fictional character love by soulshinigami
THEY MUST HAZ GF OR BF by Its-An-Inferno You can have multiple ships for one character by pastellene [stamp] dont be an ass (F2U) by MimiMatsu Wow I've committed a HORRIBLE CRIME! by TRASHYADOPTS Brotherly Stamp by Sir-Drago
A True OCxCanon Pairing by ChikitaWolf My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy Stamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-Haruno Stamp: don't judge our characters! by Jeshika-Haruno Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie
OC x Canon Stamp by Konata101 Self-Insert Pairings by Mintaka-TK STAMP: Character Research by Sage-Wren OC stamp by puchidebiru 'OC not copy' Stamp by Strah

Offensive stamp by NOKAPIplz ''That Can't Happen in Real Life!!'' by Mintaka-TK (Request) Yep... by Foxstar241 Talk about something else for once, please by LadyRebeccaStamps Dear SJWs... by Foxstar241
Get To Know First, Judge Later by Rogue-Ranger OLD REQ: Guilt-trippers by World-Hero21 ''BAWWW CHANGE UR OPINION IT SUX'' by Mintaka-TK You have no rights to make me lick your ass by LawendowyOscypek Art Freedom by angelkittin
MY FEELS, I CAN'T! by TR0LLHAMMEREN the fuck they ever done for anybody (Request) by axris BAWWW UR OPINION IZ HORREBEL!! by Mintaka-TK .:Disagreement:. by Mitochondria-Raine Coming Soon to a Website Near You by axris
(I'm Not Into Fetish Art Anyway) by Mintaka-TK (get over yourself) by Mintaka-TK uUQHDUAYFHUSHGRGDH by Iowrie controversy ahoy! by axris It's not the same (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
Anti-Drama RP and Stories Stamp by KisumiKitsune Drama Pi by SparkLum no drama stamp by ScittyKitty Allergic to Drama by illuminara No Drama Stamp 3 by StampsbyJen
It's Still Pedophilia by AnScathMarcach REQUEST: Stop censoring every little thing. by World-Hero21 DO NOT. by AnScathMarcach fjhsdkjfdkasdjkld by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikka
nsfw by saltystamped As long as you tag it, you're fine. by MaudeDraws About That 34th Rule... by Flashlight237 stamp: what should stop you from liking them? by tooni-pi I Think I've Just Remembered Why I Stay Away... by Mintaka-TK
Even I Don't Always Like Super-Popular Ships by Mintaka-TK Freakin aholes by RainbowStriked Flawed Shipping Stamp by RosalinasSoulmate UYM ZAW UNNOTUYZD!!!1!! IMMA BETTHURR DAEN DEM!11! by LawendowyOscypek Trans Headcanons Are Actually Offensive by Mintaka-TK
We are all hypocrite by HappyPenguin819 FNaF by TheArtOfNotLikingYou For those who survived the pain. by wingedoracle WHEN DID THEY START APPEARING ON EVERYTHING by Mintaka-TK Anti-Sonic.exe stamp by mrlorgin
Don't Deny It. by Edithel It may be trendy, but it isn't cool. by ExplosiveSquid Autigender? by Balqai How Dare I Be Cis by TheArtOfNotLikingYou The MOGAI are cancer by Inky-Shade

Art-Trades and Commissions listSince DeviantASS removed my original list, this is my list for ATs and Commissions.
:iconshelbyecandraw: Rai
:iconnaya123gilda: Ariza X Torune (Edo Tensei)
:iconzeropossessor: 3 sketchbusts, traditional
Contest Entries:
Owned Art listJust a quick list for stuff I still get from people, as I am really forgetful...
If an Art-Trade, Request or Collab happens to be cancelled, please give the reason per note. (And prefereable tell me BEFORE I finish my part.) I understand it if school/a job rob your time, you have a depressive phase or technical diffulties.
For Commissions that get cancelled (for any reason whatsoever) I demand a refund. I'll make Paypal get me my money back if the commissioned person refuses.
People who SCAM me (this excludes requests) just for the sake of scamming, tricking me for money/free art or cancel their part for a stupid non-legit reason... These kind of people are through with me. Never talk to me again.
Scamming money/points or art gets you a fat report.
Art Trades:

Apricot-Autumn Kinkaku X Misheru
BlessedTank Hakkin X Kitsuna
Crimson-Kunoichi Sabi with Yurui (paid)
MIRA-MARI Sabi and Kagaya


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It shows me that you love my art and want to see more!
PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizzie Points Please Stamp by izka197 GIVE ME YOUR POINTS V3 by angryannoyance

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