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my little monster hunter - Pinkamena

unlike the rest of her friends, pinkamena highly enjoys hunting the highly poisonous, and absolutely disgusting, wyverns known as gigginox
to show her love of it, she even wears armor she crafted from all the dead gigginox she has hunted, and even made a lance and shield out of them. as a plus, the armor itself has an anti-poison effect on it, which is needed when fighting even more gigginox :P


here is my original pen sketch:

rock texture by :iconjwjjjoj:
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MG5300 series
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my dearest lord! I have never been one for crossover artwork, but this pulls all the right strings and makes me feel like a hunter wanna-be. The valiant lance, the way her hair flows gently, and the gentle creases and contour of the valiant armor. Personally, I think pinkamina was best suited to be a monster hunter, but that's just one passer-by's opinion. I can just imagine her going up to a whole swarm of rathians and picking the correct moment to turn then into shiskabobs. There are hunters, there are monster hunters, and then there is pinkamina diane pie.
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Ooooooooo, I love how menacing she is in this one.
I can appreciate Gigginox armor seeing as how I hunted more than quite a few (sixty total), and a major chunk of that trying very hard to get the G-Rank armor...
But anyway, this is really well drawn; I really love the style.
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Gigginox... I used to hate that monster
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it's a pretty cool monster though :3 i never had a problem, since i wore full wroggi always :P
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I love uragaan's armor <3 (it's pretty "obese" lol) 
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So CooL :D Pinkie pie :) You're very good drawing pic XD
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thank you very much ^^
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i knew it was MH at the first buckin look (without looking at the title)^^ that cave in the background was just seemed sooo familiar
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nyah! X3 those caves are pretty memorable C:
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yeah, memorable, good word...i'm still forgetting my torch when i go there...everytime =/
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dude, torches are SOOOO worthless in that game XD
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i know =P the only thing you need in Tri is an overpowered armor and weapon from the online mode :/
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not exactly. though i havent played enough of it to do this, the best thign to do is to have different armor or different monsters. like for slaying giginox, wearing an armour with poison resistance is excellent, like gigginox or wroggi :P it saves an item slot, and you dont have to worry about taking antidotes :P

as for weapons, get one that deals elemental damage that the monster is weakest to ^^ 
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believe me, i play MH since the first part for ps2, i know all the technical things like that^^ But the most important thing in MH is the skill to avoid attacks, not a powerful armor, though it may makes it easier, without skill you are lost^^
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Those ghosts are in trouble now.
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Pinkie is not in the mood for giggling.
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most definitely c:
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this is fuckin epic
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thank you very much ^^
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