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it's 2:00 am and i still can't sleep

ever had those nights where you're basically a potato zombie on the couch watching TV or youtube late at night at like 2:00 am and you just cant fall asleep but you're too tired to do anything? yeah those suck D: you know what doesnt suck? the thing i just bought :3 i wont spoil the surprise until it arrives, but it's awesome! X3 

anyway, its a commission for Cloudzapper8 again c:  he wanted his pony watching TV on the couch ^^


resources used:

-PACK 130- Optical FX (Flares, Flashes, Etc..) 
Texture 036 - A
 Emu feather texture  
Living room stock 2
Seamless tiling fur texture (2048x2048)
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i relate every single bit
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Had one of those tonight
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I love your artstyle! ^^
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You're welcome. ^^
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awesome my friend
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Yes and no. No, i'm usually out by 11 (school nights), or fully active til 3 am.:D (Big Grin)  Yes, I get migraines once every three months or so. The only thing I can truly do when I have one is want to die.I think I've fainted. 
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im all over the place usually XD 
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"Those nights"? You mean there are nights that aren't like that? Confused
Really nice pic, the lighting is amazing! I also love how tired he looks, great work on his expression :) Though, maybe it's just me, but is his hindleg a little short compared to his foreleg?
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ha! XD

and thank you c: and eh, in my defense it's a weird angle and it's been a while since i drew a classic pony X3 but yeah ill keep that in mind >3<
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oh whao....the feeling... 
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You really cepture it buddy
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this night suck a lot
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nice work i forgot to mansion  that
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"Ever had those nights..." I just assumed that those were normal nights!
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when you're a gaming artist, this is every night lol 
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