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Zootopia X Resident Evil - Judy hopps



i drew judy hopps, from zootopia, as rebecca chambers from resident evil 0 :D she's ready to go on a spooky adventure ^3^  

i tried some new things out regarding making the background (though i guess it's stuff that only i would see / understand), so im happy about how it all turned out :D


here's my sketch: Zootopia X Resident Evil - Judy Hopps Sketch by MetaDragonArt 

and the render of just judy on her own: Zootopia X Resident Evil - Judy Hopps render by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:
Fork Stock Photo- PNG 
Art Nouveau Pattern Texture 
Paisley Texture 2-Stock 
Wallpaper Stock-2 
Turkish Carpet 4 
Cat Fur Texture 8 
Metal seamless textures 
Denim Texture Pack 2 
Cloth Texture 01 
Shag Faux Fur 1 
Leather brown 2 
Seamless Denim texture 
Its dirt But not as we know it 
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this is when i claim to hear footsteps at night :)