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Unikitty Discussing Business

and casually talking about numbers to a bunch of corporate executives :D this working? o.o

alright, so ive been wanting to draw unikitty for a while now. i ADORE the lego movie and princess unikitty :'D so i recreated the business business business numbers scene in my art style! ^^ also figured out a neat little depth of field trick :P now i got more commissions to do, and i'll finally be able to start some monster musume art since the full OP and ED songs are being released TOMORROW!!!!!! get hyped for monster waifus *u* 

here's the original sketch :D unikitty business sketch by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:
Tiled Wall Texture 
Metal Wall Texture 
metal texture 5 
Cloth Texture 01 
Shag Faux Fur 1 
Leather brown 2 
Texture 036 - A 
metal texture 3
-PACK 130- Optical FX (Flares, Flashes, Etc..) 
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Amazing color and designs!