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The Future of Selfies: Drones!

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in the year 2091, selfie sticks are SO not the thing. people elevated to a higher plane of existence: THE SELFIE DRONE!

in the future, personalized mini drones are very very common. the more common, cheaper varieties are tiny versions that have a long, extendable power cord that plugs into a USB slot in a cybernetic arm in order power it up and control it via the limb's neural connectors. though wireless adapters are available for other body parts (or for the arm as well, if they want one). with the advent of personal drones came the evolution of selfies: SELFIE DRONES. no more will people need to use a simple stick or their arm to hold a camera back: WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY NOW, PEOPLE. 

lol x3

anyway, this is a christmas present for one of my cousins. i drew her a frog taking a selfie C: she likes frogs and selfies ^^ 


resources used:

New York on a Rainy Day 5 
City Pier 2 
Cloth Texture 01 
City 2
City Life 2
Metal seamless textures 
8 Tileable Metal Textures by WebTreatsETC 
Leather Texture 2  
additional resources from and
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Hey, I'm working on creating a fake game site for my Digital Design class and it involves frog warriors. With your permission, I would like to use this image for one of my characters. 
Please reply soon, thank you.
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
i think your project would have more of an impact if you made custom art for it, drawn by you or commissioned by you, instead of using pre-existing art with wildly varying art styles that would not fit with the themes you're going for.
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Is that a yes or a no?
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Love this! Beautiful colouring. Thanks for using my stock.
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Soul-IvyHobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm suddenly really sold on cyborg lizards. 

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UnstableReactorProfessional General Artist
Pretty rockin' dude! I like the concept and the art! What's the cityscape in the back based off of? Looks kinda like Vancouver or Seattle. 
Great stuff as usual, gonna be great to have you at KFX again next year!
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
this one is a combination of new york, vancouver, and manchester c: 

and i am SO EXCITED for the KFX! x3 
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bumbleboo12Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea that's so true X3
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
definitely x3 <3
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