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Saavi Manjarekar Render (cyberpunk snake girl)

I made a snake girl!

Her name is Saavi Manjarekar. She's a 24 year old Indian ratsnake (alternate spelling is "Indian Rat Snake". Also known as ptyas mucosa, oriental ratsnake, and dhaman), from the Dharavi Slums in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She immigrated from India to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, because snake anthros are treated like complete shit in India (especially ratsnakes, since they are often confused with Cobras, who are ACTUALLY dangerous), and normally live in VERY poor conditions. Because of that, among many other reasons, Saavi absolutely despises India. 

Saavi means "sun", while Manjarekar means "one who is real cat". Marathi surnames are absurd. She has this name because one of her ancestors would go around wearing a poorly made cat costume in order to try to blend in with the crowds when he was out. Though all that did was make him look like an idiot snake in a cat costume. And that's how that last name came to be. Saavi doesnt like her name. 

Saavi is "defanged". It's a cruel form of punishment exclusively dealt out to snake anthros in India, where the snake essentially has their fangs ripped out. Ratsnakes dont have fangs (just rows of teeth), so their regular teeth get torn up instead. Saavi was defanged after she viciously bit an antelope that was abusing a friend of hers (Of course, people are more likely to be sympathetic with an antelope than a snake). Incidents like this show how far Saavi will go to protect her friends and help those she cares about. That being said, she's not a fan of how she now has to blend a bunch of her food and slurp it down (she used to chew her food before she was defanged, and she doesn't like swallowing large chunks of food whole because she thinks it's kind of gross looking).
She also wanted to be a pirate when she was a kid, though she still secretly wanted to be one as she got older. she hated Dharavi, Mumbai, and the whole area surrounding them. She wanted to be a pirate so she could be free to go wherever she wanted so she could pillage, steal from, and beat the crap out of all the people that treated her like shit throughout her life. 

Another interesting thing about Saavi is the rather poor-quality exo-cast she wears on her arms. Due to various reasons, Saavi's arms started to function worse and worse over time, to the point where they BARELY are able to function properly on their own nowadays. Unlike the rest of the population, snakes in India are forbidden to get full-limb cybernetics, and exo-cast crafters generally do not like selling casts to snakes (though snakes ARE allowed to wear the stuff). So when Saavi realized that her arms were starting to die on her, she scavenged through the many garbage dumping grounds (And on the ground in general) for pieces of scrap metal, scrap electronics, and pieces of discarded exo-casts and machinery. Saavi worked as an errand boy for an exo-cast crafter named Brahma (He couldn't actually hire her as a direct assistant, as it would have made his own business suffer due to everyone's bigotry towards snakes), so she got him, and his actual assistant, to quickly give her a few pointers (and some actual physical help) on how to put together an exo-cast. The cast was designed by Saavi (with a ton of help from Brahma and his assistant) to be easy to put on and take off, due to her failing arms. The cast stays on her via a thick metallic belt that goes around  her midsection, along with 'smart' suction sups that stick to her back scales.  neuropads also stick onto her scales as well, which is how she's able to control the cast (though the low quality neuropads, along with the scrapped-together exo cast, make her arm motions very janky and rigid. but it's better than nothing). 

(translated from marathi) "Admittedly, that is the ugliest thing to ever be made in my shop. But considering that we somehow managed to get this thing working from a pile of garbage that you brought in, it's pretty damn beautiful."

-Brahma, upon the completion of Saavi's exo-cast

saavi managed to get out of India and into Canada through the help of a small group of people that work to get abused species (usually snakes) out of the country and into somewhere safer. the group found out about Saavi through Brahma, who notified them about her. Brahma knew just how much of a shit life Saavi had, and things like the defanging incident really pushed him to try and get saavi out of the country (the antelope that saavi bit was abusing Brahma's assistant).

she's been living in Kelowna for about 5 months now, and upon recently befriending a golden parakeet named Harvik, she is starting to finally enjoy her life.

here's a jpeg version with a background c:  Saavi Manjarekar Render by MetaDragonArt

ill write a full thing about her personality when i make a ref sheet for her ^^


resources used: 
Photoshop Brushes for Painting Snake Scales 
Metal seamless textures 
Stone Texture 7 - Seamless 
Cloth Texture 01 
Leather brown 2 
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Amazing artwork! Love the realistic looking head and scales and the outfit looks really good as well. One of the more realistic looking nagas I've seen. Love your artwork style
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It looks like the Master of Yoda Nkate del Gormo :…
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looking so damn awesome buddy ~~~!
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That shading/highlight on her tail is great, it's subtle but looks like a twisted muscle :D In a good way xD
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she is a lovely specimen
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Just randomly scrolling through DA and look what pops up. A snek ^^
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Very well done. The attention to detail is astoundingly impressive. :)
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This looks both beautiful and amazing! Nice job!
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This is something I like. Snakes! :D
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