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rain-less version: Shadowrun Ponies No Rain by MetaDragonArt 


holy shit im finally done with this commission! :D

so this is a bunch of character's from these people's shadowrun game…

okay, so this thing took FOREVER to do, from start to finish. the sketching and character designing took a few days, then i went and made that  reference sheet you see in the description  above here. and then i did the colouring and final picture, which was the easiest part :P that being said, considering i didnt know anything about shadowrun when i drew the characters, id be more than happy to do it again later on for them, once i learn more about the series c:


city made with Crossroads Mall 19 by hyenacub-stock Time Square by Ume7Stock Time Square 2 by Ume7Stock  by hyenacub-stock and Ume7Stock

rain and splash affects made with various brush sets from deviney on DAZ3D

other textures used: - metal rust textures by totallyzer0  and metal texture 3 by wojtar-stock by totallyzer0 and wojtar-stock
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Nicely done work overall, as usual. I never get tired of seeing your sketch-like shade lines and overall style in line art. I really like the contrasts of colors and lighting used. However, I feel that the character at the top left is a bit subdued by the lighting; maybe a different light source would solve that, the like just makes his facial features much harder to make out than the others. I also feel like you're using the rain affect a bit much, I would like to see you used a different overlay; if the commissioner wished such effect, than that's fine; but for future reference, I'd like to see something else. Again, great work as usual.
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yeah, shit, i should of done something about that dude on the top left there >.>

and hmmmm weeeell im doing a harp seal right now, so im gonna be doing an arctic scene with snow. that work better for a change? C:
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That sounds pretty cool, can't wait to see it c:
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Shadowrun Ponies No Rain by MetaDragonArt   also, here's a rain-less version C:
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Yiiis I likes this better, you can also see the one's features a bit better.
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The rain adds a nice touch
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awesome work 
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there is something really cool about this, for somereason it really feels like the early TMNT comics that WERE NOT for kids. very awesome work man very awesome. 
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actually, now that you say it, yeah it kinda does XD

and thank you! ^^
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hell yeah it does c:
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Its like a pony version of blade runner :)
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i know, right? ^^
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I love the colors!  Shadowrun is an awesome game.  I play an elf kid in my friend's game who is the group's sneaky guy and demolitions expert, lol
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aawe that's awesome! C:
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Talking about hard detailing. :) (Smile) 
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nyah, thank you :3
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