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Robin Hood Cyberpunk sketch

coloured version Cyberpunk Disney - Robin Hood by MetaDragonArt


drawn with  a pen

okay, ive enjoyed my break, playing a bunch of video games and whatnot, but alas i have to get back to art >.>

i got something big planned, but i need to do a practice drawing first to get back in the groove. 

recently i watched Disney's Robin Hood. that intro sequence is FUCKING TERRIBLE!!!! XD so anyway, i drew Robin as a cyberpunk. i like the design ^^
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MP210 series
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Id love to see Robin hood as a hacker and little john as a hacker who likes to build robots
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its a pretty good bow -3-
SlendaCuddles48's avatar
Mooghin's avatar
dude you got some style
MetaDragonArt's avatar
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lolly lolly lolly loli ^^
HuntraG94's avatar
bow be badass looking reminds me of the predator bow from Crysis
MetaDragonArt's avatar
yeah the bow is inspired by that! XP
HuntraG94's avatar
was about to say lol but that was about the only cool thing about Crysis 3(I thought at least) but compound bows are pretty badass looking all together but how strong is it I have to ask for in Crysis 3 it was strong enough to put a hole in a rhino if I remember correctly?
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wasnt it OP as fuck?
HuntraG94's avatar
yeah I hated it online was way to OP as was the Feline alot of guns online need to be fixed for the Feline and Bow where the biggest dick weapons online
TheftO's avatar
Coincidentally, i just watch new Lars Andersen video, and now i have uncontrollable urge to share it.…
MetaDragonArt's avatar
yes! i saw that! :D it's so cool! >3<
u r welcome!
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Omfg I missed your art so much art senpai <3 
MetaDragonArt's avatar
d'awww ;u; well now you'll get so much art you'll be sick of it! :D
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