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Portrait of a Griffon General

finally, i got that RAM upgrade ive been wanting! :D now i got 24 GB of RAM, and photoshop has FINALLY stopped lagging ^^ im actually excited to do art again :D

anyway, this was a commission c: it's a (my little pony) griffon general getting his portrait done in ceremonial general's armor^^ you know those kind of portraits when the person is obviously some horrible person but they get some classy portrait done to show they "are cultured and have class"? yeah it's kinda like that ^^; behind him is the griffon flag colours and the commissioner's version of the griffon kingdom capital city. there's a steampunk theme for the griffon empire thing in his version of it.

here's my sketch of it: griffon general sketch by MetaDragonArt  


now for the ever increasing list of stuff i used >.>

background made with:

Unrestricted Mountain Stock - VII by MD-Arts

Beautiful Sunset by night-fate-stock

030 by koko-stock

Industrial by Blargofdoom-Stock

Nuclear Power Plant 8 by Dracoart-Stock

Industrial SciFi Background by FantasyStock

Industrial Riverfront 2 by FantasyStock

Industrial Riverfront 1 by FantasyStock

Industrial Stock 10 by KLStock

Factory Plant Panorama by EveLivesey

Curtains 6 by BrokenWing3dStock

World Heritage 20 by CD-STOCK

City 2 by wafreeSTOCK

Ridley Creek Park Stock 5 by FairieGoodMother

other stuff used:

Angelwings - PSD Stock by nightgraue

Bald Eagle Head Closeup by TommyGK

Emu feather texture by Irie-Stock

metal texture 6 by wojtar-stock

Cloth Texture by COCO-STOCK

lens flare and rain effects made with brushes by deviney on daz3d
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This looks like something out of 'Dune'.
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amazing looks absolutely amazing 
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thank you so much! :D
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Fantastic drawing - love the atmosphere and the colours
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thank you so much! :D
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Ooo, lots of ram! Drool I'm slumming it with 16 GB. Haha 
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it's beautiful ;u;
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AWWW I love anthro art <3
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you might love the rest of my art then :D Cyberpunk Harp Seal by MetaDragonArt  I'm too fuckin' tired to walk home... by MetaDragonArt  Observing My Playground by MetaDragonArt  Foxy the Pirate by MetaDragonArt  Ultra Violet by MetaDragonArt  
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