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Pony May Cry - Trixie Lulamoon



The flinch in your eye calls your bluff
Feel free to die when you've had enough
Useless cause is breaking your back
Your life will end when you attack
Make your move, make your stand
Make the win (ha) like you can
See the war, see me rule
See the mirror, You'll see a fool


there we are, i made TGAP Trixie totally badass ^^ she is best Vergil, after all :3

shining armor (nero):
twilight sparkle (dante):
Cheerilee (Lady - DMC 3):

and here is my original pen sketch ^^


icy fire stock image by :iconshadeybabey:

mlp fim belongs to hasbro and lauren faust
devil may cry belongs to capcom
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As far as MLP/DMC crossover art goes, this is some pretty neat sketchwork with good colouring. Though I feel it could have been better if a version with cleaner lines was made as a refined version. Though that may just be an effect of the shadowing, so correct me if I'm being unreasonable there. Other than that, the pure art is good. Let me add that I love this style.

This is clearly based off Vergil's artwork in UMvC3, which does downgrade the originality of the piece somewhat. However your choice of characters and the relevance of that choice should the MLP universe ever be applied to DMC3 is inspired and would likely be the best choice. Trixie does fit some aspects of Vergil's role, considering where she stands with the protagonist (Twilight). So I'm going to use that to counteract the evident use of source material.

As for impact... what can you really say? It's a picture of Trixie in place of Vergil. Am I supposed to be mesmerized or something?There really isn't that much too it, so I'm gonna' go all metaphorical and say that envisioning DMC3 with these characters, specifically Trixie playing Vergil's role, would be awesome. And that Trixie/Vergil goes well with a cool and dark background, they mix really well.

So overall, yeah, nice piece of art dude!