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There's something dark and sinister about this image...
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It's Beautiful......

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nekoshappiness33Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive details in this.  It's so amazing how you created this!!  Impressive work!! :iconinulaplz:
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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty! I love this sequence in the movie! It's amazing that you built this out of real-world images... for a second I thought you might have used a screenshot from the film... but no, you're just that good! You are so amazing at this kind of thing... I love it!
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MrAcrizzyStudent Filmographer
Awesome Picture! BTW, This is My Favorite Part in Zootopia! (Judy Hopps on the Train Listening to Try Everything by Gazelle)
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amam2217Student Traditional Artist
Oh my God everything about this is perfect. ♥
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g1ng3rd0ct0rStudent General Artist
I've wanted to find myself on that train ever since zootopia was announced.
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On the train ride to Zootopia, I can't help but be reminded of the train ride into the Capital of Panem in The Hunger Games.

Your pic captures that feeling greatly. :D
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ISeeTheLatticeHobbyist Photographer
Wow... great job with atmosphere! :D

I just saw this film tonight, your style is much alike to what I envision if Disney were to take a more nuanced/gritty approach to depicting its world.
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Wow, all those buildings... in more than one way looks more cool that in the movie. But also, if you add sad music, it will turn into a sad "Goodbye" scene.
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So amazing! With the dust on the window and the mass of buildings expanding from the horizon... great art, man, I love it!
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Nope-EngineerHobbyist Photographer simply amazing!
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ItsDaBlazeWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Damnnn this looks so awesome!!! =D
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I like the world they created for these character live in I mean the name Zootopia really goes all out having so many different section for some animals, like you the main one which has all the enemys in it then you got a frozen section of the city, a rain forest city 
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vindurzaHobbyist General Artist
the train scene looks awesome
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