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why parkour and glide you way through normal daytime city when you can go on hard mode and do it during a thunderstorm? :P

Stabz, as he's nicknamed, is a bat-fox crossbreed that enjoys mirror's edging his way around the city; freerunning, jumping, and gliding his way on and through all sorts of buildings and structures. he loves a challenge he can master, so he gets very excited during storms; with the ground all wet and slippery, the low visibility, the rain crashing against his face, and lighting appearing everywhere to give him only a split second of illumination at a time, it provides an excellent challenge for him. while most would be unwilling to do this, partly due to the dangers involved, Stabz  does worry about it. his cybernetic arms not only help him with grabbing on to ledges and whatnot with ease, but the attached wings allow him to simply glide down to safety, should he ever mess up a jump. they also allow him to do a sort of "double jump" in the air so he can reach farther distances. here, we can see him (high up on the ledge of a very tall building) overlooking the path he's gonna take while checking up on some statistics, maps, and whatnot via holographic UI. holograms are cool :3


so this was a commission for a friend of mine c: this one was super fun to do ^^ the background especially was fun to make :D also, this is probably the sexiest shirtless furry guy ive made so far :P this was inspired by stuff like the batman arkham games, mirrors edge, and assassins creed :D 


here is my original sketch: Stabz the Bat Fox sketch by MetaDragonArt 


city made with these:… by LithiumStock… by AntiRetrovirus… by le-scud… by FairieGoodMother… by meihua-stock… by themindofmadness… by FairieGoodMother-

- pants camo pattern: black-light-studio.deviantart.… by black-light-studio

- mountains in the background: adverbial-spectra.deviantart.c… by adverbial-spectra

- texture used for building on the far right:… by totallyzer0

sky made with these:… by Stock-by-Kai… by JSF1… by riktorsashen… by SalsolaStock

- rain and water effects: made with rons rain, rons water, rons clearwater. light stuff made with rons optical sci fi flares -
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Okay, we got a giant bat creature on a skyscraper, in the the rain, in the middle of the night....I'm going to take a wild guess that the city's name in "Gotham." XD

But seriously, I love the shading, the rain texture, lightning, EVERYTHING! It just looks like a great picture that has been experiencing lots of TLC. Are the city hand drawn or are they just plastered in her, but have been photoshoped to a whole new level?