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"her love of the stage is rivaled only by her love to play her cello."


teehee, i'm getting SO much better at colouring now :D not only that, but i wish i could play the cello, so i could perform on that stage with Octavia :aww: i mean, seriously, that stage is freaking gorgeous!


original sketch by :iconjosh-5410: (coloured with permission). go check out this guy's work, he's amazing! :D and he's Canadian, like me ^^

also, find the hidden Derpy ;)

also also, here is an amazing short Octavia fic that this is cover art for :D [link]


omg this was on equestria daily!!! this is my 4th picture on EQD :D
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Absolutely Dazzling! You've clearly demonstrated you artistic ability with the intricate details of the rows of chairs in the audience and the realistic shadow-work, as well as the ceiling patterns and the chandeliere in the top center. As for Octavia, her perspective is very good; she is standing up (but not slouching), and she is turned so that we get a small glimpse of her face, without being too revealing or showy, while the rest is cleverly obscured by the shadows. This adds an almost humble effect to Octavia, which matches the gentle but proper personality given to her by the fans. Portraying her from the back rather than the front was a smart choice, because it allows the viewer to see the entire audience hall, rather than just a stuffy curtain, thus suggesting the caliber of her performance. Overall, I am more impressed with this than much of the other FiM artwork, because of the level of detail that strays from the cartoonish mirth of the show and transforms it into something breathtaking. I am also happy to see that you did not go overboard with color; it seems as though you used only a handful of warm and dark colors, giving the piece a rustic effect suited to classical music. I would rate this above many other works of FiM art for sheer originality. It is a masterpiece, and I cannot see anything that needs improvement.