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I WILL Defend Myself!

MY CINTIQ ARRIVED! now i can do better art! X3  though this one was already halfway done when it arrived, but it made the latter half much easier :3 and eh, this is actually one of my better pieces ive done recently :D 

this was a commission from wyatt. it's his fursona: Daniel Markov (which is an AMAZING name btw). i had to pretty much give him an entire design makeover. but it was worth it, since he looks really awesome now! X3

man, this starts a new era of art for me. with a cintiq, ill be able to start doing things of even higher quality now! :'D

i just looked at some art of mine from as recent as February and went "wow, this looks like shit" after i compared it to the picture im about to upload here ._.

improving: it's awesome when you do it, but it retroactively wrecks all the old stuff :P


here's my pen sketch ^^ cyber sword arm pen sketch by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:

NGone - CamoPattern 02 CC0
 Shag Faux Fur 1
 Philadelphia City Skyline Long Exposure 06
 Cardiff Cityscape stock 9
 The Skyline 
Philadelphia City Skyline Long Exposure 07
metal texture 3
 Cloth Texture 01
 metal texture 5
 metal texture 7
 Texture 036 - A 
Seamless Denim texture 
Jacket Texture 
metal texture 6 
metal texture 15 
Leather Texture 2 
Lightning Stock 

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MP210 series
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This picture was really fun too look over, there is so much too consider before i start critiquing this amazing piece, The colour, detail, lines and so much more. Just keep in mind before I start the critique that you have a lot of practice ahead of you but the light at the end of the tunnel is not that far away.

1. The shading is great in this picture, you really have a great understanding of shading though make sure its not all the same intensity when shading you different levels of depth in your images.

2. The colour is great you really chose a great mix of colours that compliment each other and that help tell the story of the image.

3. I love the detail in the background and the glow from all the lights, you really captured a vibrant city in the back. I like how you blurred it out to give more focus on the character in the foreground.

1. Now your lines is probably the number one thing you need to work one, you have great ideas but i feel you lines hold back the potential of you art. Now the issues with the lines don't show as much in this image but they do show in the sketch version of this character. What i would recommend doing is just practising with a pencil on paper and watching some videos and i feel once you get it solidified you will truly have access to a whole new world potential.

2. I would look into studying the anatomy of animals and people since i notice sometimes some proportion problems in some of your work or even the eyes or nose being out of place, which is not to big of a deal but with help you in your future works, this is also partial do to your lines.

3. I really like the glow on the sword but it was too much that mix with the glow of the city overpowered that portion of the image and almost created one big blur which is something you never want in an image.

4. The last big thing i would say is the rain, there is too much and it almost gives the feeling teat the image has been scratched instead of it being rain, so i would tone down the rain in your images because it also made your picture a little fuzzy which is to bad since you have so much to offer with the city and the character.

Great use of colours and FX, make sure you don't over do it with the FX though. Your shading was great but still can use some work practice different levels of shading to create more depth to your art. Last things is work on your lines and anatomy for you future pieces of work and you will see your skill grow significantly.