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Holmy The Cow

i love 'Show By Rock!!'. it's one of my favorite animes ever ^^  one of the character designs i really like is Holmy, from the (in-anime) band Criticrista :D she's a cow :3 

okay, so i was at the rock creek fair selling some art prints, and i wanted to draw something, so i drew holmy c: i also drew another picture, but that's coming later x3 


resources used:

Barn Loft 2 
Abandoned Dairy Farm 120 
Texture 036 - A 
Mixed Gray Fur stock 2 
metal texture 3 
Cloth Texture 01 

additional effects from:
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She is so cute! And it is so detailed! I actually like how the lights work (I know, I know), with the rainbow spots. My only real critique is that the mouth (and eyes) are a little simplistic in comparison to everything else. Or is it supposed to be a nose? I am a little unsure... The style of Show By Rock!! is so mixed and adorable! I would like to see more of this style, thought a little more definition around the mouth (nose?) and eyes. Otherwise it is super cute! Please keep up the good work and have fun!