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Harvik Reference Sheet

i did it! my first reference sheet! :'D  and it's of a character that means a lot to me: Harvik! ^^ she's a childish back-alley cybernetics engineer (which is basically just a term used to describe unlicensed cybernetics engineers. they normally work with gangs or those that simply dont want to go through official channels for whatever reason) :D 

the idea for her came from the really childish side of my personality, plus i originally wanted to make my own version of Edward from Cowboy Bebop XD  she means a lot to me, so i'm very happy to have this reference sheet of her done. i wanna have her, and my other characters (once i do their sheets), in a lot of pictures i make in the future c:

im just so happy that ive finally done my first reference sheet of a character i love ^^

side note: if any of you wanna draw her, feel free to. just show me when it's done (and of course credit me for the character lol)


resources used:

Black Net Textures 02 
Shag Faux Fur 1 
metal texture 3 
Cloth Texture 01 
Texture 036 - A 
Emu feather texture 
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This looks very cool! I can see where Harvik and Riley Young are prototypes for the DieselPunk characters you are doing now... It might be cool to see this one updated to your current level of amazing skill!
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yeah, i want to redraw harvik now that i'm much better at this :D 
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And she's cute and awkward and super smart and has a really sad physical limitation (weak wings on a bird?) so that's very cool. :D
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The additional are unique
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This is really cute, but it makes me wonder what kind of future she lives in (I haven't been watching you for very long, sorry). Other than that, good job!
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ive had this idea of a cyberpunk version of my city (that i live in). plus this whole idea for an cyberpunk entire world with stuff like AR devices all over the place and weather modification and other stuff :P you might find random lore ideas of mine i came up with on the spot in *some* of my pictures' descriptions 

i should start making official (finalized) lore dumps soon, now that im finally getting these character ref sheets started :P 
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Thanks, mate :)
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