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another commission done. this time for :iconwraith4:, and holy fuck is it creepy. he's staring into your souuuuul o.o man, i really love the lamp lens flares :P

okay, so it's basically a pony version of a shadowrun character. his gasmask is a device that feeds this gas-based drug to him that makes him smarter, more conniving, etc. as you can see: that, combined with his age, kinda fucked his face up a bit ^^; he's also wearing auctioneer business clothing c: for those wondering where he is, he's in his office in a glass enclosure in an underground facility. gawd dammit that stare is creeping the fuck out of me >.>

also, wraith4 dude, sorry if the "got something that might interest you" re4 merchant quote title doesn't actually fit with the character. i just didnt know what to call it, and the re4 merchant is kinda radical ^^;


here is my original pen sketch:…


facility Underground by The-Bardess  from The-Bardess
glass Glass Effect by javierocasio  from javierocasio
lamp Table Lamp Stock PSD File by annamae22  from annamae22
books Books 6 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock  from Inadesign-Stock
wood texture for desk Wood 8 by deltastock  from deltastock
chair chair png by camelfobia   from camelfobia

lens flares from rons optical flares by deviney from daz 3d
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nice work! miss playing that game
MetaDragonArt's avatar
thank you! :D and i myself have never played it D:
joeyalmendarez's avatar
its a good game it wont disappoint :) 
joeyalmendarez's avatar
got a selection of good things on sale stranger!
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he'll buy it at a high price :3
anglrios's avatar
creepy but awesome
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Looks good, mate. And don't worry so much on the title.

Semantics time: it's a character from a ponified Shadowrun game I manage named Veil. He's the head of a gang that all breathe a gas called Breath from their masks, with the tubes leading to a backpack with interchangable canisters. The gas increases certain mental functions which, as Metadragonart put it, makes him more conniving and intelligent. Think like the drug from Limitless, but not as severe withdrawal. He wears Actioneer Business Clothes, which are a set of dress clothes fitted with hidden holsters and light armour weaving.

Everything else is accurate in the description. I would've gone for "Let's talk business" as a title/quote, but that works too.

Fantastic as always, dude.
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glad you like it, man ^^
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XD its completely fine!
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Nice image.   thanks for using my stock :)
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thank you C: and no problem! :D
FrozenWolfy8532's avatar
*walks in walks out*

He's staring into your soul!!!
MetaDragonArt's avatar
-staring intensifies- .3.
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
Where to start......the background are just amazing. The light are cool and the character shadow.....superb
MetaDragonArt's avatar
thank you so much! X3 i think im getting better at lighting and shadows c:
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
Yeah i can see dat cx
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The title made me look at this cause of the Resident Evil 4 quote XD
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