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Enclave Power Armored Deathclaw

oh look, a giant walking tower of NOPE from fuck-that-shit-ville c:  

so here we have a walking nightmare for every fallout fan ever: a deathclaw in power armor... ENCLAVE power armor o.o this was actually a commission for a guy (fantastic timing, might i add). for those wanting the full body version without all the filters and stuff on it, i'll upload a render of just the deathclaw later on, probably tomorrow :P 

anyway, as for the colour pallet, i was inspired by all the ENB presets from fallout 3, and wanted to make it look like something similar to that c:  anyway, hope you all like it, AND GET FUCKING HYPED FOR FALLOUT 4 OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!


sketch: Enclave Power Armored Deathclaw Sketch by MetaDragonArt render: coming soon


resources used: 
Metal seamless textures 
8 Tileable Metal Textures by WebTreatsETC 
Metal Rust Texture 22
Metal Rust Texture 21
Old building 3
additional resources from
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3000x1688px 6.95 MB
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At first, it was a little tricky to see the character as he partially blends in with the background but I suppose that the intended effect was to view the creature from some sort of a visor or a camera.

The faded buildings in the background enhances the overall apocalyptic environment of Fallout 4 and the creature's armor does reflect the style of the Enclave faction.

What would really enhance this render would be the addition of a security hud, or something of the like. Perhaps a cracked screen as well to further immerse the viewer in a desolate world.
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Prepare thyself for utter fuckening.

I don't know.

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Have I not commented on this lovely brute yet??? Well, I'm gonna have to remedy that! He's beautiful, and I'm so glad he's not in my wasteland! I can't think of anything scarier than an Enclave-controlled Deathclaw in power armor! Beautiful work, really nice colors and shading, great use of textures and resources!
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i need to do something like this in terms of colour palette and lighting style again one day...
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I'd love to see it!
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Yeah. No just NO! That demon from the worst part of hell would rape my ass. Both figuratively and literally.
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That is an awesome picture!
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What Enclave chucklenuts let THAT project get off the ground?!  They're barely controllable, even with inhibitor implants.
FrozenWolfy8532's avatar
There is soooooooooo much nope in this. I'm done if someone ends up making an actual enemy in the game.
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As if deathclaws aren't already hard enough to kill!
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Welcome to nope city, population not this guy!
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We are sooooo dead....
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that is very unsafe 
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I once beat a deathclaw to death with a half-broke police baton at level 6. We got this!
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I once beat a Deathclaw to death at level one with boxing tape. I got your back mate let's bring this bugger down.
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I once beat a deathclaw in the char creation screen
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I once beat a deathclaw while running naked...running up the snow...
zergking3's avatar
Both ways, crippled, in a wheel chair
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Looks wicked, those are some sharp-lookin' fingers there! Fallout 4 hype intensifies, eh?
 The nightmare is now real and the hype is beyond capacity 
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand all of the Wasteland is fucked....
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Oh my gosh.
I don't know how to express this in words, but...
The way you drew it.
Fully detailed, great resolution and coloring, also the shading.
It's perfect. 

I was going to write a critique but it was not long enough.
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