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Cyberpunk Nick Wilde

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so here's nick wilde, from zootopia, as a cyberpunk :D he's checking out hopps' files and info and stuff :3 

anyway, here is the sketch Nick Wilde cyberpunk sketch by MetaDragonArt  and render Nick Wilde cyberpunk render by MetaDragonArt 

and here is judy hopps :D Cyberpunk Judy Hopps by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:

Metal seamless textures 
Denim Texture Pack 2 
Cloth Texture 01 
Shag Faux Fur 1  

additional resources from
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I have to say this work of art is really cool and creative. I love the design and the background go great together. The lighting looks so natural and the details pull it together. It looks like it would be in a dark comic/novel at first i wasn't completely sure on robotic arms but in the end it made it have a very unique look and feel to the whole image. That is really all i have to say other than that i hope you make other amazing pieces of art like this.(P.s. for a moment i thought he only had one hand.)
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SlyParranini Traditional Artist

That's very cool MetaDragonArt !

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With Nick's voice

In 2077 they voted my city the worst place to live in america, main issues? sky high rate of violence, and more people living below the poverty line than anywhere else... i can't deny it- it's all true, but everybody still wants to live here, this always got a promise for you, might be a lie, an illusion, but it's there, just around the corner... and it keeps you going... it's a city of dreams, and i'm big dreamer!

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PBWeatherproHobbyist General Artist
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FurryKidddStudent Traditional Artist
I bought this piece today and hanged it on my wall it looks amazing 
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
ahhhhh i'm glad you like it! :D 
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Hey, a while back I asked if I could use the cyberpunk Judy pic for one of my fanfics, I've got another one that I was thinking of using this one for.  Would you mind?…
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
sure ^^ 
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Ghost in the Shell inspired?
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AndreithebrowserHobbyist General Artist
You deserve a good song!

Unity - TheFatRat
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PacificGreenHobbyist Digital Artist
Nick with cybernetic arms! This is awesome!
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Nick looks amazing :) (Smile) 
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WTF!? where's your arms?!
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You have inspired my muse!  I'm thinking of writing a Deus Ex-ish fic for Zootopia.  Is it okay if I use these designs for Nick and Judy in my writings?
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
go ahead ^^ 
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Sweet! Thanks a bunch
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AndreithebrowserHobbyist General Artist
Link please...
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Good news!  Chapter 1 is complete.  Let me know what you think…
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AndreithebrowserHobbyist General Artist
It was good! However, when a part of a story is happening, seperate them. Example; 

As the man knocks on the door, he was thinking of what to say.

"Oh! Harold, I wasn't expecting you..." Jacklene said with a bit of embarrasment.

Harold laughs. "It isn't your fault Jacklene, I didn't really notify you. Didn't I now?"

"Well, come on in. We have tea." 

"Nah, I'm alright."

And their she was... Samantha...

I'm just saying that not ALL text shouldn't be together, their should be spaces between dialouge, actions, change of scenery, etc. Hope this helps.
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Alright. I'm not quite used to dA's spacing. I swear it looked a bit better in my Word file
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I know it might seem lazy, but I haven't been able to write it yet since I've been swamped with college.  I will be posting chapters on my profile once I actually get around to it
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Nice job ^_^
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Moonight118Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me to Nick Valentine from Fallout 4, hreat work! i love everything about this picture :) It's just amazing ^^
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