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Cyberpunk Harp Seal

okay, so it turns out im somewhat decent at making snow scenes :P i love how this turned out! ^3^ i need to draw more furries in snow stuff now! :D and i am SUPER proud of this picture! X3


this Harp Seal lives in the now-colonized Arctic in the near future. her family originally migrated from northern russia back when the Arc-Oil incident was about to happen (an event that caused the multi-country colonies of the arctic to break away from their parent-countries and merge into a single nation that now controls a very large majority of the world's oil supply). because of this, she and her family now live in one of the richest, and most UV-protected countries in the current world. unlike in many other countries, citizens of the Arctic dont have to worry about being fried by the sun due to global warming, due to the insanely large amount of weather modification Seeders that blanket the entire arctic area in UV-blocking clouds and snow. they also dont have to worry about other countries interfering with them, since outsiders are not exactly welcomed in this heavily gated nation, and how the Arctic has very strict defense and anti-immigrant policies.

because of all the oil that comes out of the arctic, they are currently extremely wealthy. and many countries are indebted to them, which the arctic uses to its advantage. they can afford to keep a very saturated amount of weather modification seeders over the whole country, which benefits the planet since the polar ice caps are essential to the planet's overall temperature. it also insures they wont loose any oil, and that the ice their cities are built on wont melt anytime soon. the majority of their citizens live in luxury as well, and have cultural influences from the many countries that made up the original colonies. 

however, there is a very noticeable amount of bigotry that citizens of other countries have against arctic dwellers. since they control a large amount of everyone's oil, citizens of countries with lower amounts of oil blame the arctic for being selfish and letting the rest of the world rot away while they sit back and live in luxury. combine that with the natural stigma against the rich and powerful, along with all the scary rumors about the lengths the arctic goes to to make sure NOBODY ever sets foot in there, and the amount of bigotry is very high. it's gotten so bad over the years that even being born a species that would otherwise normally live in the arctic will garner you the unjustified hatred of many people. 

BUT this seal doesnt worry about all of that. right now she's just a teenager that likes exploring the areas just outside the city she lives in. switching from her cybernetic legs to a specially-developed swimming tail (which has some nifty propellers built into the fins), she'll often dive below the water's surface and check out all the underwater ice caverns. she also is sure to wear her exploration clothes, which includes a parka and gloves with with (heated) water resistant lining, and some exploration goggles that have built in thermal and night vision filters along with a GPS tracker. she claims she's fine without them, but her parents say otherwise.


here's my original sketch: Cyberpunk Harp Seal Sketch by MetaDragonArt 


ice On floating ice 1 by Arctic-Stock by Arctic-Stock

city made with Two lanes turn right by schon and Vancouver at Night Panorama by ICPJuggalo1988 by schon and ICPJuggalo1988

metal texture metal texture 3 by wojtar-stock by wojtar-stock

cloth texture Cloth Texture by COCO-STOCK by COCO-STOCK

fur texture… by Slapfohrhasen

snow and ice effects made with various winter-themes brush sets by deniney on DAZ3D 


based off of the harp seal instructions from Furries Furever by jared hodges and lindsay cibos
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I thought the mechanical tail was a prostethic for a missing limb or something.