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Cyberpunk Gilda

holy crap, i REALLY made this thing grungy! XD

but yeah, Gilda is one of my most favourite MLP characters ever :heart: well, her and Octavia :P and i LOVE cyberpunk as well, so i combined the two together :D cyberpunk Gilda is best gilda :heart:

here is my original pen sketch:


background is an edited screencap thing form blade Runner (thought it was from cyberpunk 2077 before. i derp sometimes...)
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I feel like you had an amazing vision with this piece. The anatomy is great, and so is the perspective. But the problem that I am facing, is that I don't know where to look. There is so much going on, and Gilda mixes a lot with the background . Also I'd like to note, that the background looks like you didn't draw it yourself; Drawing the back ground may add a lot more impact to the viewer <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> Drawing with pen and paper is skill to be had. Try smaller strokes to look more refined, while keeping shading to smaller areas to avoid to much black everywhere. Beautiful piece tho! Keep up the great work!
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well one of the things i tried to do with the pen was give it texture as well.... but yeah, maybe i should try toning back the pen to just shaded areas...
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Stunning! Captured Gilda brilliantly
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It's cool! :Love Live Sunshine Emoticon: Ruby Dabs 
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That looks cool
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Gilda is so cool, I wish that I could me her
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im not an mlp fan but even i have to admit this is pretty awesome
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Never would have expected MLP and Blade Runner to exist, but I'm glad it does!
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fuck, i need to redo this entire thing to be.... not as bad ^^; 
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It's ok if you like Gilda :)
But I personally hope she's in Neo Tokyo 2019.
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favorite character form the show ^^

and oh my .3.
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She will E.X.P.L.O.D.E.
or not it's up to you.
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Woww amazing!
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holu cow so awesome !!!~!~ you know if you put some lighthing effect on gilda eyes it would be coool!!!!!!~

Still it is nice piece of works
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originaly, her eye design was different, so i didnt take that into account when shading the pen sketch DX

but thanks ^^
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^^ yer welcome ^^^
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Whoa, what a design! :wow:
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yeah, i love it XP
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Quite a Hans Arnold feel to it, was that something you were striving for?
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