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Cyberpunk Fidget

holy sh*t i love this picture so much ;u;  <3 i've worked INCREDIBLY hard on this, and i learned a bunch along the way ^^ most importantly, i finally figured out how to make a proper raining scene! :D

originally, i had this in a mirrors edge style, with it being daytime with blinding sunshine contrast and stuff, but then i thought "hey, fog would look good with this!", but then i made it rainy and thought "this looks even better!". so after a few adjustments, we now have this ^^ eee im so proud of myself X3 

now because i have to put this in ALL pictures of fidget: i ADORE the F*CK out of fidget :3 she is my top favorite video game character of all time, and ranks in my list of top 10 characters i must snuggle >3< i'm so happy i finally was able to draw her as a cyberpunk ^^ gave her some awesome pants, skirt, arm warmers, and that super cool low cut sleeveless hoodie :D you know, the way i drew her makes her look kinda like a teenager in this :P teenage fidget is best fidget ^3^ -snuggles her-


metal beam things New York 3 by raindroppe  by raindroppe

city buildings Closed In by k0y0te  by k0y0te

rain  rain texture by spoofdecator Rain Photoshop Actions by Wnison Drops Splash and  Rain PS by FrostBo by spoofdecatorWnison and FrostBo 
clouds (not that fog stuff) used in the veeeeeery back and in the reflections Storm Field by sixwings    by sixwings
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Cyborg Fluffybuns
diversetiger353's avatar
I wonder what weapon she would use
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
This is amazing! The rain makes for great atmosphere, and I absolutely love how you drew Fidget! She looks great! Excellent work! :love:
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i need to draw her again with a better outfit....
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
If that's what you think, then who's gonna stop you? Whatever your choice, I will respect it.
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I can see the amount of hard work, by the details in this! Great job. :3
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nope :P

wait, did you think this was Gmod or something?
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I don't know maybe
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you thought it was a 3d model from Gmod? XP
TheArtOfDust213's avatar
Kinda it looked like it was because I remember seeing the blade of ahrah on gmod so I just figured lol
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she looks like she is ready to kick ass and take names
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dont forget play with her fidget doll ^3^
vindurza's avatar
lol I thought dust was holding onto that
MetaDragonArt's avatar
eh, fidget could of taken it at any time :P
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Fidget is best sidekick.
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Amazing, makes me cry tears of joy ;3
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we all cry for cyber fidget X3
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