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Cybernetic Royal Pegasus Guard

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another commission done :D

with an increase in technology, population, and city size in Canterlot, Celestia's Royal Guards needed a way to keep up with the rising crimerate. and so the CyberGuard division was created. those selected to take part in the program are augmented with multiple cybernetic implants and receive an upgraded cybernetic uniform / armor. the program has received mixed reactions from citizens; some being happy that celestia is finally doing something to keep the high crime rate down, and feel a lot safer now. but others criticize it, saying how this is a step towards a police-state, how the look of the guards makes them feel uncomfortable and scared, and how they feel more like prisoners than citizens, considering how high-powered the guards are and how much control they have over various laws and electronic devices.


included in the list of available (often optional) implants and other cybernetics (among others) are: 


      -CPU clock cycles that are needed to attempt data penetration of computer systems (hacking electronic systems, doorways, etc).

      -information link that allows the guards to
 receive and transmit messages without generating audible sounds through implanted cochlear and vibration detection devices (silent communication with each other in order to make plans, call for backup, relay information, and other messages without anypony around them hearing anything).


a series of suspended organic-plastic lenses which uses embedded circuitry to build on the basic data-frame provided by the standard retinal Prosthesis to match visual silhouettes and body kinetics to micro-thermograph and t-wave lens modules (limited degree of “x-ray vision” through many walls and thinner objects. allows them to track suspects or warn fellow guards about possible ambushes).


artificial limbs built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals (robot legs which allow them to perform various tasks and feats. this one is very much optional, and is often only done on those who REALLY want them and those who already had previous leg augmentation and want an upgrade from what they already have)

a combination of nanomesh filters and an oxygen circulation unit in the bronchial tubes, which recycles and cleanses their breaths before passing them on to the lungs (toxin filter so they wont be affected by such dangers in the air).

      -chemical exchange reactants injected into the 
pulmonary alveoli assist in blood oxygenation enable the guard to resist exhaustion from extended physical efforts, such as sprinting (allows them to keep up with criminals and catch them when they are on the run)


included in suit upgrades are:

HUD / visor:
      -radar system
ambient noise feedback indicator that is projected directly onto their radar system
      -flash suppressant (
prevents temporary or permanent blindness from harsh light)
      -augmented reality display
      -basic holographic projector allowing them to read info sent to them, examine data, or project data, video, and still images to themselves or others (if needed)

      -filter and rebreather to act as a first defense for air toxins, and a backup oxygen supply in the case of complete water submersion or low-oxygen areas
      -assistance in physical efforts to allow the guard to be more physically capable
only available to pegasus guards:
      -artificial wings which utilizes high-powered thrusters to allow high-velocity flight, along with 
accelerative descent sensors that will activate an EMF decelerator, which generates a fixed-focus electromagnetic lensing field, projected downward along the plane of the drop, which pushes against equestria's magnetosphere and slows the guard's descent to a manageable velocity (it allows them to fly at high speeds and survive a fall from almost any height within reason)


here's my original pen sketch: Celestia's Cybernetic Guard pen sketch by MetaDragonArt 


castle bits Stairs by LevanaTempest Hever Castle 1 by stormsorceress chateau 29. by greenleaf-stock  by 
LevanaTempest stormsorceress and greenleaf-stock
city Downtown Lights 10854467 by StockProject1  by 

hologram Heads Up Display [30 Hi Res PSD Brushes] by SamsonShimei  by 

rain made with Ron's Rain


the OC in the armor, Cloud Zapper, belongs to :iconcloudzapper8:

the design was inspired by
the royal guards from MLP (obviously), enclave armor from fallout 3, a gundam model (NZ666 or something), deus ex human revolution concept art, and even a bit from the dwemer armor from skyrim  :D 
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AlisiaLanetHobbyist Writer
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Vision: Fits the description and title. Well done in my opinion on design and feeling with color choices and weather choice.

Originality: Ponies not too original but this energy from the artist and the design with the story behind this is very original or to me it is.

Technique: The lighting and the dark sky is beautiful. The city looks very realistic, the detail on the buildings feels very real from what I've seen at night on travel shows, movies, and news. The dark sky and rain adds to the mood beautifully giving me the feeling and smell of a city though wonderful can also be very dangerous.

The stonework is gorgeously done for the railings, steps, and walkway with the wall and the partial doorway. I love the way the engravings are done and how it can also, on top at least, give me a feeling of the rainwater collecting on top of the smooth and level stonework. Shading on the stone is wonderful adding to the depth and mood of the scene.

Now for the Pegasus. Breathtaking in my opinion. I like the headgear of how it was designed allowing sight and a spot for projection of data when needed for the guard or possibly another to see when needed. The shading and lighting gives me the sense of metal material as well as soft yet stiff bristles of the brush mow hawk on top of the head. I would call it the proper name if is one but I don't feel like checking so I apologize for my laziness.

The armor going down the neck has lovely shading and lighting adding to the metal feel and industrial make. The chest plate is nicely done with the addition of Celestia's cutie mark showing it's one of her royal guards. Legs are a bit tricky to see if they are machine covered, machine fully or perhaps partly covered by mechanical armor. I like how the toes were done on the feet nice way to aid for better support or balance if in pursuit of a suspect I assume.

His armor going across/around his middle is nicely done with the rods that I take it work as pistons when he's walking, running or perhaps they work as a way to give extra speed when needed and are activated by the mind. The back legs are very nicely done. To me they look more machine than natural so that's interesting and perhaps is recommended for the armor to work more efficiently.

His tail is very well done as the armor is distinct standing out to show the tail's normal hair's still there showing it's shielded by the armor. The wings armor is very nice. I like the design and the coloring as well as the metal band over them near the top of them. I like how we can still see the blue demonstrating the armor is a shield over the feathery wings for protection and perhaps also add to speed if needed.

The overall coloring of the Pegasus is well done and blends beautifully. If I had to suggest something for improvement then perhaps it would be the front legs. I like how it's difficult to see them exactly but the one in the darker shadows for me doesn't look as define as the one closes to the view sight. Perhaps a little something to better define it? Maybe could be a light or soft glow casting down towards the hooves in the front from the screen unless a glow wouldn't cast as much as that on the Pegasus then never mind. Maybe the rain collecting on the ground causing beautiful reflections would be able to reflect some of the light striking it up to give a little bit of light around the one front hoof allowing for a bit of better definition. But if this wouldn't work then never mind.

Impact: There's a very looming emotion over the piece bringing me to hear and feel the rain in the huge city where there are safe places and other spots where danger is always lurking in the shadows. With this danger of other ponies could be the looming fear of how far the new cybernetic guards could go and would they become a threat in-of itself.

Overall: Gorgeous piece. I love the emotion, energy, and design. The armor is very unique and wonderfully done. As stated if my suggestion of some or a bit of light touching at the leg that is tricky to see wouldn't work then just ignore that. Top notch work. Very thought invoking when compare it to how our own world is progressing with technology.
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pokemonmasterdiegoStudent General Artist
:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

If I were to put him as a character in my story, I'd say: "Overlooking by the technological metropolis, a cybernetic equine knight of the Solar Empire scanned through his hologram as the downpour rained upon him in the night..."

The city seems to be realistic with all the lighting by its lights as if the pony were in reality in a bustling world. The knight's texture with the rest of the stairs to me separated them from the whole background. Sketching looks rough but detailed and yet the choice of colors stands out to him as a "night watcher".

He might be a Pegasus, but I'd recommend lessening the weight of that armor and give its wings a little more slimmer design albeit his build is bulky. I don't know if that stallion is an cyborg or a real pony in heavy armor, but it does protect him from the rain and some physical damage.

The whole art in general is more fit to be in a comic--make it IDW if I may say. Your art, sir, is exemplary~!
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cool design in fact i do not like my little pony but this looks very cool
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l33tn3rdzHobbyist Writer
Still can't beat the hackers and their infinite bag of high tech tricks. Give it up, you will never win against us.

We can brick all of those fancy robotic parts with the remote injection of a small patch of maliciously crafted code crated specifically to flash the boot ROM chips in the hardware with a corrupt firmware image.

Disable them with three malformed commands and jam all comms with a special overloading signal that floods the entire place with powerful bursts of white noise.

If we are feeling really angry we can simply blackout the entire system together. Kill the power and trash the entire place remotely from hundreds of miles away.

Are we broke? No problem, we will lock your entire network down with NTRU-1248 Encryption until you pay us a ton of money.

Face it, you are helpless against the people who control all of the technology. Secure boot? The keys have probably been leaked out already. We are deep inside your systems already.
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LevanaTempest Digital Artist
Wonderful work. Thanks for using my stock! :heart:
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
eh thank you! :D 
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Wow, the has the awesome coated on thick.
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
thank you!
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November 2019
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
yes! o.o
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LumihantaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not into ponies, but wow this is cool!
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
thank you very much! ^^
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steampunkpony1Student General Artist
i saw this and thought about dishonored  
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
really, eh?
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steampunkpony1Student General Artist
yeah, idw why,
i guess because i saw the guard and the door on the balcony behind him and thought that corvo would enter through there.
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
strange o.O

also: fantastic game; anti-climactic ending
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steampunkpony1Student General Artist
yeah, I hated the ending, anyway, good drawing ima give you a llama
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MrConnectedStudent General Artist
These all look amazing
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
thank you so much! X3
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MrConnectedStudent General Artist
Your very welcome
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Artificial-ThunderHobbyist General Artist
So...much...detail! O.O
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
eeeee thank you! X3
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Ratwo619Student Artist
I love it so futuristic
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MetaDragonArtProfessional Digital Artist
indeed it is ^^ thanks! :D
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