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Canterlot Hall

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soooo with me packing and cleaning (because we're moving to a new place), i havent had much time for drawing (i dont even have a bed anymore, for crying out loud. no bed or couch or anything for me, since we threw them out. so now i've been laying on the (thankfully carpeted) floor in the living room for the past couple weeks). like i used to draw on my couch at 2:00am, but now i dont have that anymore, and im just too tired to draw :/ but eh, once we move i will have a more proper setup so i can draw LOTS, and  more comfortably ^^ speaking of throwing stuff out, we have about 130+ garbage bags full of garbage, 15 big boxes of throw-away toys, and other assorted stuff like trashy couches, tables and chairs. and we arent even done yet >.<

anyway, i really wanted to do something, so ive just been screwing around on photoshop for the past few nights ^^ i figured it would stop me from going crazy, and give me some shading practice :3 so what do you think? ^^


canterlot hallway Canterlot Hallway by Soren-the-Owl by Soren-the-Owl

celestia Princess Celestia Walking Away by 90Sigma by 90Sigma

textures Marble by borysses and Concrete Floor Texture by icified by borysses and icified

rug rug 2 by waterweed-stock by waterweed-stock

sky Novemeber Sunset Photo BG by YuniNaoki by YuniNaoki
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wow this is awesome! i love how the light glows and makes the whole picture look so glowy. its really cool how you combined different pictures into the actual thing, so you took scenes from the show and all that. and then you credited all the pictures which is great. the shadows seemed really nice and especially on celestia the shading is AMAZING its in the wings and everything. you still get the classic my little pony feel, but it looks so much more complex... like for example, the shading is really fancy but the whole art style is still just like the my little pony because you used a picture reference. I also use picture references but not as amazingly. the detail is striking too.
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all i can really say is thank you very much for the critique ^^ <3
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How beautiful.
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This art is amazing. Infact most of the artwork I see is amazing.

But besides that, for me, it's also just a grim reminder that I'll never be able to make anything as half as good as this. I mean, I can't even draw a fucking stick man for crying out loud. *sigh*
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awe thanks! ^^

and awww hey, as long as you have fun, your picture will be great no matter what c:
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Dude, that's just unreal. Sooo lovely!
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thank you so much! :D
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You're welcome.
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oh wow beautiful
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thank you very much! :D
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Gorgeous. When I first saw it I thought it was handpainted! :O
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That is absolutely incredible. 

Mind telling me how you got those thumbnails in the description?
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okay, on the right side where all the info stuff is, like viewcount and such, there will be a section called thumbnail, with a thing that is like :thumb######:

copy and paste that to have a thumbnail of the picture ^^  though i cant remember if that feature is available to free members now (i knwo it's for premium members, but i cant remmeber if it was announced if free dudes could use it or not)
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Okay, thank you so much! C:
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