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Bonnie and Clyde the meowstic robbers

when i first saw these two pokemon, i immediately thought: eeyup, they are TOTALLY bank robbers :D i so i drew them as some :3


Bonnie, the girl (left), is the dominant leader of the two. she is pretty aggressive and very smart. she comes up with all the plans and does all the gun-toting, since her other arm is broken. almost always, her heists go according to plan; the only time they don't being when something happens that even Bonnie herself couldn't take into account, or foresee.

Bonnie is an ex-cop from the Kalos region, who was known for being "equally bitchy" (unjustifiably rough) to criminals, no matter their social status. she wasn't very much liked by the other police pokemon. as time went on in the force, she witnessed more and more how the overall police force were being corrupt: purposely extorting and just overall stealing from the poorer criminals, even if they were kids, and how her fellow officers were being "nicer and more understanding" to criminals that happened to be rich or have a higher social status, who also would steal from the poor in their own ways, and even bribe the police to turn a blind eye. after realizing how corrupt the police and the rich were there, she started going rouge; using her badge as a way to avoid suspicion as she would secretly steal from the pokemon who didn't deserve their riches, and giving them to the orphans, urchins, and criminals who were unfairly forced into that lifestyle. after many months of this, she was eventually figured out by the police, and was hunted down by them, the resulting chase and attacks by the police leading to her breaking her arm and injuring her leg.  

she was eventually cornered in a back alley where she had no means of escape. her fellow officers, who didn't like her from the beginning, wasted no time in taking this opportunity to "take down this dangerous criminal who was a threat to everyone". just as they started pulling the triggers, a male meowstic, who Bonnie had never seen before, leaped in front of her. everything went black suddenly as the sound of an explosion rippled through the air. Bonnie woke up in a little room on a makeshift bed; a secret crawlspace who's entrance was hidden by the darkness and the trash in the alleyway. staring at her was the male meowstic, who was blushing madly. beside him was a large sack of pokedollars, which Bonnie recognized as the sack of "retrieved" money she had dropped off in the alleyway the previous night, for the local urchins. apparently this other meowstic was the only one in the area.

Clyde, the guy (right), is the submissive helper of the two. he is very docile, and handles grabbing the loot and providing backup if needed. he first officially met Bonnie when she was cornered in "his" alley  by a bunch of police pokemon. he instantly recognized her as the kind-hearted, and beautiful, meowstic that had left him a large sack of money the previous night; more money than he had ever had in his life before. when he saw they were about to gun her down, he intervened, jumping in front of Bonnie and unfolded his ears. a meowstic has a pretty scary ability where if they unfold their ears, they release an explosion of psychic power that is powerful enough to to grind a 10-ton truck to dust within 300 feet. however, they can only do this once in their entire lives. one could only imagine what effect it would have on a whole bunch of police pokemon.

since then, Bonnie and Clyde have been working together to steal from those who don't deserve their riches (along with banks, stores, trains, and such), and giving the majority of the money to the poorest of pokemon, just as Bonnie had done to Clyde.


here is my original pen sketch: 

 by joanielynn
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I really enjoy the use of hatching and cross hatching in shading giving it that gritty crime drama feel, along with the dark dirty alleyway background. You gave these pokemon a very distinct character, making it feel completely unique. I also like the back story you put for the two in your description.

The artwork is stylized very reminiscent of those old books with occasional sketch drawings such as sherlock holmes. The choice of filter from the background photo was done very expertly to fit with the whole general style of the picture, never feeling out of place, while at the same time not taking away the attention from the two characters. It is a very wonderful piece.