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A Walk Down the Lonely Road

another commission done ^^ same guy that commissioned those awesome cybernetic guard pictures :D thanks again for your business :iconcloudzapper8: :D <3

anyway, it's his OC, Cloud Zapper, in ODST armor :P 

here's my sketch ^^ ODST pony - my first digital sketch by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:
Shag Faux Fur 1 
-PACK 130- Optical FX (Flares, Flashes, Etc..) 
metal texture 5 
Texture 036 - A 
Emu feather texture 
Leather Texture 2 
mah concrete roof 
Concrete Floor Texture 
Stone wall texture 2 
Concrete Basement Wall Texture 
additional resources from:
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3000x1875px 9.72 MB
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Anyone else hear Saxophones?

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I like how this turned out. I myself am a big fan of Halo, and like how this picture came out. But as a critique states i need to be very picky.

I like the background and how it is blurred a little but still has textures to make it look very 3D and realistic, staying true to the game.
I also like the colors, they definitely give this the impact they need but not enough so.

A few things bug me on this though.
One being how the pony character turned out, not saying i don't like the sketchy style to it but that should have only been on the armor and the tail/mane. If you want this picture to pop a little more, you should make his face and wings more clear with less sketch lines.

Anther thing is with the rain you should have made it bounce off of him, making a kind of haze, giving him more depth and realism.

Other then that everything looks spot on
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I walk a lonely road,
The only one that I have ever known.
Don't know where it goes,
But it's only me and I walk alone.
- Green Day
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The general style of this one (especially the high emphasis on orange lights) kinda reminds me of some artwork from Battlefield 4. 
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ive noticed a lot of games are going for a blue - orange colour scheme lately :P
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Makes sense. These two colours allow you to achieve nice contrast and keep the piece/level/any other piece of visual art interesting when it comes to colours. Kind of a no brainer, it makes me think why it took the movie and games industry so long to actually come up with this idea. 
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well for the longest time, they thought we all wanted realistically dull brown and grey :P 
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awesome bro awesome~!!!
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Haha, looks like you've gotten the hang of the cintiq real quickly. looks p good, very like your pen sketch draws. :0
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yeah! :D still need some practice though ^^; but thank you! C:
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No worries, boss! :0
And I'm sure as you draw more with it your dras are gonna get hella rad. I'm lookin' forwards to it!
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amazing man awesome work on the shading 
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thank you so much! you should have seen how fucking weird it was before i managed to fix it to what it is now XP so much bright vibrant purple XD 
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you should do a speed paint then. i like to see how you make each artwork the way it looks 
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fuuuuuck i wish i could do speed paints.... i take so long on all my stuff. though i should try it out at some point
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