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A Hologram on the Side of the Street


August 17th, 2091 

so i was walking home earlier tonight when i found this super old holographic projector just sitting there on the side of the street. yes, i said holographic; as in, the stuff that came BEFORE all the augmented reality projections we got all over the place nowadays. like this thing had to be like 60-70 years old or something like that. somehow it was turned on and actually running, but the image quality of horrible. like the resolution was a really low 1080p (which i guess was the norm for back then), the colours were all blued out, and there was this RGB colour distortion glitch all over it. and the scan-lines, man. holy crap the massive scan-lines were the size of my freaking thumb on my robot hand! and the projector for it was this big ugly box-lamp on a patched-up tripod. i mean it has that early 21st century look to it, which a lot of people are into for whatever reason, but it looked like actual garbage to me (i was never really into the whole centurypunk genre). 

as for the image coming out of it, it was just a still 3D image of some naked eagle girl with tiger legs (i guess she must have been cosplaying as a griffon or something for whoever took the picture). like i mean butt-ass naked with her tits splooshing out and no underwear in sight. she was actually pretty beautiful looking for someone from the early 21st century. you know, back when everyone else thought that having an ass the size of a dump truck was somehow super hot (that body trend did not age well for those people). so yeah, props to ye olde griffon cosplayer for actually having a normal sized butt for the time.

i would have taken the projector home with me to give to a friend of mine, but i just don't know what freaky century porn collection might be hiding in that projector. which is a shame really. considering how old this thing would have to be, it seems that someone must have taken great care of it for it to even be working still. you know now that i think about it, there used to be an elderly man that lived in the building that the projector was in front of. maybe the projection was of his wife or something? the dude lived alone i think, so maybe his wife must have died when she was young, and he had kept he projector all this time as a way of remembering her? AWWW IT'S SO SAD TO THINK ABOUT! gah, maybe i should go back and grab the projector before some perverted creep does. i mean if it was the guy's wife, then i wouldn't want her memory to be damaged by some creepy perv
edit: well i went back to get the projector, but it was gone. i asked around, and it turns out that the old man died and all his stuff was being thrown out of his place to make way for new tenants. and i was right, turns out the guy's wife died when they were both in their 20s and it's assumed that the projection was of her. i just hope it was some techno-history buff or a family member that grabbed the projector and not the garbage collectors, or some perverted teen.


well this is the first nude picture ive ever drawn in my life. normally i hide all the anatomy with clothing and cybernetics, so this picture was especially interesting to do, since it had neither of those. this was a commission for a girl. it's her griffon character, lyli, as a hologram :D 


resources used: 
Emu feather texture 
metal texture 3 
Shag Faux Fur 1 

additional resources from

the pedestrian characters are all from previous pictures ive done in the past (back when i was new to this stuff and going off of the how to draw furry books) 
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i love the story you did for this one!
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*hooded figure walks around the junkyard and finds an old projector* well, what do we have hear?*looks around then takes hood off to reveal the ONLY human in the world, then uses his glasses to look at the details* this might actually be my ticket home!*picks projector up and sneaks out*(to be continued)
i need to find out how to write my stories to my list
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nice batch of characters 
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sweet awesome cutie~~
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That was a fun read and the picture's cool too.
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