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HORROR Birthday Veni Mortem!

It's :iconveni-mortem:'s birthday today so I drew him this little piece of fanart of his characters from Horror Fear!

I wanted to add H. Kopey, Horrorman and Levath as well for some reason but I ran out of room. I was also thinking of adding Smytulong and Oliver which are characters he voiced from my game but again, ran out of room...oh well!

Also technically I uploaded this at midnight so I guess I'm kinda late with this but hey, better late and good than...rushed and crappy, I suppose!

I hope you like it and I hope you aren't TOO scared...

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Oh MAN! This is FANTASTIC! Hahaha, Jack's face is priceless. You gave me a VERY horror birthday! Thank you so much!!

Also, This is totally my wallpaper now. Bad Ass.
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Awesome, I kind of had a feeling you would do that but I wasn't too sure if you would or not. 'Cause it was pretty big when I was drawing it, but I think DA shrunk it, it does that sometimes.
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Yeah, I saw that the original download size was 1920x1080, which is my screen resolution, so I was like AND BINGO WAS HIS NAME, YO!
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Oh yeah I forgot you could download the original images, and that is the best thing to say!
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Fuck you. Fuck you in the best sense.

No homo.
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Horror Birthday?? THIS IS BRILLIANT!
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Thanks munchkin magee!

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