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H. Kopey

"When you going to go over there, then you can talk to ME! Eh? You talk to me, okay? Okay!" - H. Kopey

Kopey was created by :iconveni-mortem:

He's going to be voiced by me and this design of him is by me, based off some ideas both Veni and I had.
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WHHHHAAAAAAT?!?! I never commented to this? Shame on my brain. Man, I really love what you did with his design. It looks awesome! I can't wait to draw him and see him in action in the movie. Daaang, now that The Dog 7 is finished, maybe I can work on a little Horror Fear!!
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Yeah, I think you told me what you thought of it in a chat though so maybe that's why you thought you did.

But it's okay, okay? Okay!

I'm very glad you like it, if you wanna add anything to him feel free to. I'm thinking I probably could've given him a belt, I mean look at that first pose, it's basically just asking for one! Oh well, I still like how it turned out. Actually maybe this picture could have a story behind it now. The first image is H. Kopey posing like a badass thinking he has a belt and the second image is him getting frustrated after realizing he doesn't have a belt.

That would be awesome! I definitely still need to figure out my microphone and then rerecord his lines. I've been meaning to do that but I keep getting sidetracked and busy.
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Yeah, I'll make a few little changes to him, but overall the design will stay the same.

Yaaa, no hurry with the lines. It'll be a while before I'm animating his scenes anyway.
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Hahah holy shit H. Kopey is the BEST!