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Trinity Of Justice


My fanart of the upcoming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Really put all my effort into this one.

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>! Great artwork !<

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I HATE the idea of having heroes, originally depicted as gthe closest of friends by DC, now portrayed as mortal enemies.

This and many other mess-ups, are what drove me away from DC, esp. since Crisis (1986)
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Such a fine piece ! :)
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Am sooooooo stoked for the upcoming DC films. Especially for Wonder Woman's debut film. I love this BTW. Wonder Woman looks great, too.
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Thank you! :)
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Good work especially on Wonder Woman!
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You're welcome!
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Great work. So few people get this. 
But Batman is very overrated.

ON a way he is as detective Sherlock Holmes, who sees himself as a god - he never criticizes his own methods and consider themselves permanently better.
(Which often is proven in his diskutioner with Alfred and others) Rage 

While Superman is similar to Dockter Who - Dr Who's immortal, and he has the ability to move and manipulate time, space and reality.
But all he wants is to become more human. Hug 

Wonder Woman is extrimely Unappreciated. No one gets her. I like Powergirl a lot. A great icon.Heart   BUT she is still a copi of Superman. :( (Sad) 

Diana is the only one, who stands out and is not a shadow of another hero like She-Hulk.  Nod 

The only comic that might give her justice is Legend Of Wonder Woman…

try it It is worth it Clap 
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SO EXCITED! To those who are whining about Ben Afleck, it has 10 years since Daredevil get over it! XD
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Ya know there have been many WB animated Batman/Superman movies before but THIS is the first Live-Action one ever!:D (Big Grin) 
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Yep, and I watched all of them too ;)
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I really don't like how people criticize Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman with false proofs or ridiculous facts against her without realization on their own. Having big boobs is really unrealistic to reality and can be disturbing. They do they want her to look like? Nicki Minaj? 
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I think those people mostly argue that she's not muscular enough, which is understandable, since Diana was always pretty buff in the comics. However, I think people really are too quick to judge, especially considering that Gal has been actively hitting the gym in preparation for the movie. I have really high hopes that she's good, I want them to get Wonder Woman's essence right, which goes far beyond her physical appearance. So let's just hope together that they will get her character right!
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Yes, Batman vs Superman sounds like 2 heroes meet up each other in a conflict resolution. 
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In this epic battle royal between titans, you have Superman with heat vision and godly powers under a yellow sun, Wonder Woman with her lasso, sword and Amazon training, and Batman with his peak human condition and knowledge of pressure points… Who on earth would win out of these three? :o


I’m sure that’s a debate that can be left to the most ardent of fans, but that’s not why I’m here. Instead, I want to analyse this piece and give it my thoughts. :nod:


As far as the movie outfits go, those of the Man of Steel universe anyway, the level of detailing is pretty intense, and it has all the makings of a movie poster as the trinity of heroes fight for superiority. The ruined city in the background adds a nice touch as a consequence of such reckless superhuman fighting, something you’d think Superman would’ve learned the first time. =p


You get the impression that this is a tenacious, brutal battle with no holds barred and practically no rules. The little details like the glowing rope and shining boots of Wonder Woman add the final nice touches to what’s already a top-notch piece of work. From the behind-the-scenes look, it’s clear you put a lot of love and effort into this, and it paid off handsomely. Well done and keep up the excellent work.

Well deserving of a place in my “Honorary Class” collection, whatever that means to you. :)

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Aw thank you so much, I feel flattered to receive such a nice comment! Thank you!
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You're very welcome, and please keep it up. :)
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Nice picture can't wait for the movie.
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