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October 26, 2020
Aang by MeTaa
Featured by Thiefoworld
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a rtx on Aang not sure whether this is a blessing or curse do to my experience with memes

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I like the fact that you’ve actually represented the character as an East Asian young man, which would better suit the genre.
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it's beautiful 😳👍🏿

Nice art but why you photoshop'ed face

How does one paint like this🥺I have troubles
Gradymakesart's avatar

This is awesome I just joined Devian anyone have any tips?

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I don't even watch The Last Air Bender but, this was so good I had to point it out so good job man.

Wow! this is amazing! Love your art style!

Aangus Beef looks amazing! Good work!

LettuceJuiceBox's avatar

Wow! 😄 He looks real! I like the tiny sky bison!

The eyes are so amazing!

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I want you to draw Iroh!! He is my fav character and I like tea like him ;D

peachybubbletea1's avatar

There’s no way you DREW this!!!!

Cinnam0nPoptart's avatar

This is great, the shading is just *chefs kiss*

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WOOOW amazing!! At first I thought this was a cosplay lol :shocked:

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This looks amazing. It's like a combination between the live action and the cartoon series 😍
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Absolutely stunning work! Love the breathtaking coloring and details :love:

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Aang looks so cool here

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This version of Aang is absolutely epic

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This is astoundingly beautiful!!

He looks like Internguy from Doom eternal.

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Wonderful tribute to the amazing series, and sequel which followed it up.

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