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My newest work... Something simple and soothing. I wanted a lot of empty space here, to kind of focus in on the small area of light, the moon lighting and disappearing behind the clouds. I also wanted a very dreamy feel, obviously, so I had lots of light-haloing type stuff, the gentle glow around almost everything. Why didn't I work in stars, you ask? Well, a moon that bright would probably blot them out due to light pollution, and more importantly--they'd prolly destroy the image, at least as far as I can tell. I like it, and it's my current wallpaper (I feel a little weird, using one of my own wallpapers.... kind of cocky... eh. :P)

Anyways, enjoy.
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Aug 9, 2003, 4:46:45 PM
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Hi I wanted to ask you permission to use this particular painting to do a compositing for my video in order to bring my footage from day to night. The end result will be a fusion of two pictures and it matches perfectly. My film is non profit and its about our planet Earth and i is called Biosphere and I am collaborating with filmmakers from around the world. Of course I will give you credit. Thx.
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I fell in love with this the moment I saw it :)
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i love it's really soothing.......
Very serene...I really think the lack of a focal point helps...takes away the need to focus on one part so you can see the bigger picture...
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:wow: This is beautiful... really amazing... Stunning picture with brilliant colors and feeling… excellent work!
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I used this pic as a background for my blog if this is not ok email me at and i will remove it ASAP thx : )
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sorry u didnt answered my request but it seemed to me you would allow it if someone asks
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Words can not say how breathtaking this is..Wow to see this for real.I love it remarkable
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SO beautiful and this tranquility that it holds ^.^
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Favorite !!
ohh just a Question do you mind if I put this pic in my Blog??
"Something simple " if this is simple then WOW
it is just Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
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Reminds me of the Dreamworks thingy...
Nice pic nonetheless! ;)
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Thanks for informing me, but I would've preferred if you had asked permission BEFORE using it, as this is not a stock image.
I'm so sorry :( I'm new here and didn't pay attention to that... If you want me to erase the pic, i'll do problem
I'm really sorry
That's really nice! I like how you moved the horizon line down like Salvador Dali. Pictures like that always look cool.
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wow so romantic
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This is the greatest and most moving piece I have ever seen. I found it years ago through a search engine but your name wasn't attached so I didn't know who had created it. I've been looking for you for a long time. I wanted to let you know that I used your image on my website. If you want me to take it down, I will. If you don't mind me using it, I will gladly put your name on it and a link to you.
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i love soo much this my favorite :worship:
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