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  1. Be respectful.

  2. Do not send me your photos, especially weird photos.

  3. Do not compliment me for free art. It's not cool.

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Sorry but I'm tired


I'm Sulli and I love warm hug :huggle:

Welcome to my safe space :D Thank you for visiting me, I hope you enjoy this gallery and feel free to talk to me!

I'm self-studying art :love: Right now I'm in the phase of improving it along with fighting with MDD. I love drawing since I was young. I challenged many people to draw and always lose lol, even teacher said my character said my drawing looks like เปรต hahaha bye bye past.

In 2020 Myself was left behind from my friends on the same ages since I have mental illness. I didn't talk to any people, I feel uncomfortable to do it. That moment I came back to drawing again. I bought procreate on iPad. I draw over and over again like crazy hahaha. I don't know where to start learning. I wasn't able to learn since I need to balance disorder and life. So just keep watching drawing videos in the internet every morning every night.

In 2021 I'm done with my dark room drawing. I wanted to be someone in art community. I started to join art group on Facebook. Learnt how to be an artist. I saw many people open for commission their art was sooo amazing. I felt like I got hit on my head, I compared their art with mine, my are was disaster. It's alright I guess. I will grow up stronger. At that time it was still uneasy for me to communicate to people. I doubt Thai community, It was too heavy. I tried to find a good platform that I could be myself and no need to worry about anything.

Then I started journey on Deviantart. (loading....)

To be honest I don't know what to write here anymore. My life is complicated and it's uneasy to tell. If you want get to know me, you may read my status update. I usually share my story there from time to time :shakefist:

I wish you a beautiful day :huggle:

Favourite Visual Artist
Emma Watson, Elle Fanning 👩‍🎤
Favourite Movies
Stranger things ,Money Heist,Hunger games, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Akame Ga kill
Favourite TV Shows
The Mask singer
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, BLACKPINK, Green Day, Gotye
Favourite Books
Any psychology books 📚 📖 , novel
Favourite Games
Story of seasons, Genshin Impact, My time at Portia, the sims 1-4, far cry, tomb raider 🥕
Favourite Gaming Platform
Definitely PC 👩‍💻 , Mobile Phone 📱
Tools of the Trade
Clip studio paint, Procreate
Hello everyone, This is Mesull nice to meet you :meow: This request is to celebrate my 1k watchers milestone:love: it's more than dream. I love drawing and will try to make it better everyday. This request is part of learning too. Don't worry I do my best. I will draw in this scale(face shot) (I haven't finished this drawing yet. I display it because it's my new fev hehe) more example in my gallery :boing: I will choose the most favorite (one or more) :boing: Rule - Only my watchers are able to join. - Describe your character in comment section or send me note. - send me some reference (if you have) - you can suggest more than 1 character (in 1 comment) Details - 1 character (I can draw boy if you want) - face shot - dreamy, elegance, mysterious, fantasy I will draw - Sfw - OC, FA, Game character, Model, Idol. - Decoration animal, flower, etc - simple background I don't draw - Fetish, nsfw - Gore, Furry, Mecha, Old people 💌Note - The prize for personal use only.
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Request Announcement :love: Congratulation to 1.Ok12345299(Done) 2.AlberichPotter (in progress) 3.Jasminethecreator19 (See you soon
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I'll be busy for few days. about request I'll need to postpone it for now :faint:
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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting me. These points will support me on core member for each months and some late night snacks for me ;P I appreciate any supports from you. Wish you a wonderful day :huggle:

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Happy Birthday! :hug::party:

I am in a real mess here, so... a the late reply very late indeed!

Thank you much @mesull for faving :

2170VF1 Tweak of Ziska by Sabine62

and eventually for the other faves you might have done and I may have missed to thank you!

Always very happy to see you here !

Hello! I really thank you for the favorite!

Here's a llama as my thanks! :D

Since you liked our work, I'd like to share you our self-published manga that's up for sale!:

Remote Angel Volume 1 - Published

You can get to read it online to determine if you want a hard copy!:

Genres are: Drama/fantasy/apocalyptic/thriller/action/Romance

If you like butterfly effect stuff, Demon Slayer, Erased or Steins Gate - you may like it! It'll have tons of ships and feels! Updates weekly!


And I'm holding an art contest for it in case you're interested. c:

Thank you very, very, very, very much for the Favorites to almost two thirds of my gallery :heart::squee::happybounce::squee::heart:. It makes me very happy to have all the support you have given me so far :love:.

I hope you had a fantastic start of the year, and I wish you a happy and excellent 2023 :dummy:.

Greetings, and stay safe and well now and always :meow:. :wave:

thank you very much for your fave(s). And sorry if I answer with such a delay and if I miss some.

Always happy to "see" you here!