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If Oregon Militiamen are Terrorists why is it that there are no deaths being reported, no people beheaded, raped or burned alive? That they occupied an EMPTY federal building, a protest in which no one was injured or killed? Why is it people like Montel Williams are calling for their death? This "Terroristic" activity has not burned or looted 1 business? Yet other groups are calling for the death of police, and even white people in general but somehow that narrative is being skipped over? How do people not see the hypocrisy in this?
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Have you ever noticed that penny on the ground? Most people just pass it by. They view it as not worth their time, that it is covered in yuck and therefore holds no value but here is the thing. It does have value if for no other reason that it is currency, never mind it has a history, it has a purpose and that it has been dropped, discarded and forgotten all of that does not negate the fact it still has worth.

Have you ever noticed that excitement a toddler has when discovering that discarded and forgotten penny?

Maybe you even told your toddler that is yucky, put it down. Did that diminish it's value to the child? The Child saw a penny, and it had worth not because it was currency, but for one simple reason, it simply was. Over time we lose that enthusiasm for simple things, such as that penny. Not because it is yucky, but because we are taught it is yucky and not worth our time. Over time, we apply the same thoughts and actions to people.

All people are like that penny, we start off shiny and new. Somewhere along the way we get put in a cupholder for a time, maybe a drawer forgotten and maybe even discarded. Every person great and small has a history. We each have a story. We each have worth. No matter the choices we make, no matter the heartbreak, no matter. People always have worth.

Have you ever noticed the homeless guy begging for money. No words are spoke, just the little sign that says "Hungry, Please Help." I have. I have even been guilty of giving him whatever I had on me, but that is where it ended. I left the penny on the ground and moved on. I have never asked, what is your name? For that I am ashamed. So here is my challenge to you. The next time you find that penny, pick it up, care for it but most of all do not simply walk on by. Start by posting this everywhere using the #PeopleHaveWorth Then share an example of your story....are you the Penny, The Toddler or the person who walked on by?
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Some people believe Destiny and Fate are the same....I beg to differ.

It is the devil in the details or simply the spin in the is my belief that your Fate is what you are born into, it is the beginning and underlying theme of your life's story. It is the one thing you do not control. Destiny is the outcome of your fate....what you do that leads you to your eventuality. Destiny is something you decide, for each decision you make leads you to your destiny. So Fate is saying you were born into mediocrity....Destiny tells us what you did with that for better or for worse, becoming the star of your dreams or the victim of your own tragedy.

So the question is what is keeping you from your destiny?

The short answer is you.

Let it sink in and get back to me
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....I am going to stick with my original diagnosis made in 2003.....I am Lazy....this is a debilitating disease. The only real difference between then and now - is I am a Lazy Pirate today
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For the last month I have had to sport a Pirate Eye Patch because my Left Eye no longer wants to sync up with my Right Eye.
Rather painful at times, and others just a nuisance of double vision and nauseau.

My first MRI Last Week Determined that it is not a Brain Tumor in my orbital socket, I have a sinus infection but that is it. NOW I have a diagnosis of (drum roll)

Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia


Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia

What can cause this?????

Multiple sclerosis
Cerebrovascular disease
The most common of these are infection, trauma, and tumor. In some remarkable cases, mild head injury can produce an isolated unilateral or bilateral INO

What does this mean for my ART?????

Very hard to stare at a computer for extended periods of time.

So it is taking me much longer to finish anything as it requires so much effort - never fear I will finish my to do list this year - Promise!!!

In the mean time I have to have another set of MRIs with and without contrast today - so wish me luck that they indeed find a brain
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There was a missed Polygon in the boots that was not apparent in earlier versions od DAZ Studio. The Boot issue has been fixed and I am adding a Texture Set with the Update. So as soon as DAZ QA's the UPDATE and puts it out there - you will have a new set of textures to play with.

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IT is true…
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The Sci Fi Weapons are on sale!!!!…

Get em while they are hot
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Something to think about - when you hear me rant about politics, it is not because I want to limit your rights, or keep you from enjoying any freedoms.

As many other veterans can tell you - we served and honor our oath to defend the constitution. We did this regardless of political views, personal desires, financial gain.... we did this to serve our country, to protect the very freedoms so many take for granted.

The Constitution is not an aged worthless relic, it is the very cornerstone of what America is founded on. So when you hear me rant - it has nothing to do with who can love and marry, it has nothing to do with the guns you want to buy, it has nothing to do with my religious belief which is a very deep and personal thing to everyone - yes even atheists. It is because I see it every time I turn around, the slow erosion of freedom....the trickle of legislation and agenda of those we send to washington to work for us instead they work hard for themselves, they try to negate the constitution and what it stands for. They spend money they do not have, they limit your right to protest, to exercise your free speech. They send our loved ones into harms way for ill defined objectives and send them under equipped in many cases.

I am heart broken that Americans fight and argue over mundane issues while allowing the government to bankrupt us and our children. They pass laws they never intend to follow themselves but the ramifications for you are dire if you follow suit.

We live in a day where the SCOTUS has ruled the Police have NO obligation to protect why does the word Police Officer seem synonymous with "To Protect and Serve....?"

We interfere and violate sovereignty of other nations for our own greed.........costing hundreds of thousands of lives. Our Foreign Policy has been a complete disaster over the last 50 years. We rarely do anything charitable unless there is political or financial gain.

We allow the news to tell lies as if it were truth......we allow propoganda.....and we mock anyone who calls us out on it

We have deep issues - almost all of them are somehow created by or inflamed by 2 letters PC (Political Correctness) is killing our nation with infighting and strife where none needs to exist. We pass laws attempting to appease on group while denying liberties to another. The Insanity must stop.

We Free Men & Women.......stand and be counted.

If this offends you in anyway - please see my previous post.
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Suck it up buttercup, if I haven't don't worry I will get to you as soon as I can.
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Your Vanilla Ice Cream May Actually Smell Like Beaver Butt

Most things in use today from seasoning to medicine were discovered by accident. For instance Viagra was developed to be a blood pressure medication - turned out it was not very good at it but had an interesting side effect which is what it is primarily marketed for these days.

So what were they doing when they invented suppositories? And by reading the article at the link above what the hell were they doing when they figured out that this beaver's secretions smelled and tasted like vanilla and why it would be so much more effective than say vanilla extract?

Who the hell knows.
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2014 is just another year in the long sordid life of this aging man. However life is what you make of it. So let us ponder some positive things tonight........

1. Lots of new movies out - looking forward to several

2. My daughters are back in school....hell for 2 weeks......we will not think about summer just yet - enjoying th quiet time during the day - when I am working from home.

3. Walking Dead is closer to coming back on

4. Boobs - nuff said

5. Sorry disregard that one - thinking about my wife

6. New Products are coming out - working hard to get these finished

7. Grateful for new friends, and the ones that I have not locked in my cellar

8. I have made peace with the voices in your head

9. The demise of Dennis Rodman....yes I know he is still alive - but now the WHOLE world except N.Korea knows he is batshit crazy

10. People are starting to ask why Kim Kardashian is even relevant.....really why is she famous again....oh yes....the video....hmmmm

Well that is just my list I am sure you have your top 10 - please share in the comments below.
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The Mercenary Studios Store Is Open

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eventually it will be on - maybe by the weekend.

The only products right now are the Painted Texture set for the BEO2K10v2 available at DAZ3D

and 100% off on the Coalition APC

Some come one and come all. I will be adding stuff all week.

I have entered a couple of Mech | Robot Designs into the contest

If you like leave a comment on the pages of these links, share the word, get people to come out - not just for me but for a chance to show that the Poser | DAZ Studio community has some awesome stuff 

The Mestophales Mech Dragon

The BEO Ripper

Come on out and support all the artists - it does not let me link directly for some reason
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A few years ago I had the unfortunate experience of having to save a small child from a pack of San Antonio.
I had to have surgery on my hand on 3 different occasions to get the bones to set right. Just for your information your hand in a dogs mouth is never a good thing........

Well on my 3rd surgery I was waiting on the anaesthesiologist, I looked at the guy next to me who seemed a bit anxious. He asked me what I was in for and I informed him of my sordid ordeal and that this was my 3rd surgery. He wished me luck and said "3rd time is a charm."

So I asked him what he was in for and he said he was in for a circumcision, that his fiance wanted it because that is what she was used to, how ridiculous is that....really?

I had no idea of what to tell I offered him what I thought would help.

Dude, Best of luck to ya, I had the same thing done soon after I was born and let me tell ya, I couldn't walk for a year!

I don't think that made him feel any better.....oh, well I tried.
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I will never hear the church bells ringing again without smiling..
My grandfather passed away almost 10 years ago. He was a good man, lived to be 87 years old. When I found out I rushed to see my grandmother to comfort her.
I asked grandma how it had happened. She looked at me and said he died of a heart attack while making love to her on a Sunday morning.
I was shocked....people their age still having sex was shocking enough, but to leave this world in that fashion. My grandmother could see I was dismayed at the statement. She took me by the hand and said "Yes, we had a very active sex life. We were married for 60 years and we were very much in love. We knew at our age we needed to be careful, so Sunday mornings were the obvious choice, because of the church bells ringing. It was just the right rythm. Nice, slow and even.....nothing too strenuous, simply in on the DING and out on the DONG."

I was horrified to hear my grandmother say that, a really creepy story. She had paused to wipe away a tear, and my heart went out to her. I gave her hand a squeeze, and told her it would be ok.

She looked at me and said with a frustrated voice "He'd still be alive if that damn ice cream truck had not come along!!!"
I am still horrified to this day.
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Chinese.......everyday China is in the news....blogging censorship, sabre rattling over Taiwan, hell on almost every street corner there is a Chinese Buffet.
The cold reality that China is a major threat in a military sense, sinks in every time I click on CNN.
So I figured the day may come when I will need to speak some Chinese. Allow me to share with you some simple phrases I have learned. You too can learn in an easy 5 minutes.

English                                                     Chinese
That is not right                                             Sum Ting Wong
Are you harbouring a fugitive                             Hu Yu Hai Ding
See me ASAP                                             Kum Hia
Stupid Man                                                     Yu Dum Mi
Small Horse                                                     Tai Ni Po Ni
Did you go to the beach                             Wai Yu So Tan
I bumped the coffee table                             Ai Bang Mi Ni
I think you need a face lift                             Chin Tu Fat
It's very dark in here                                     Wai So Dim
I thought you were on a diet                             Wai Yu Mun Ching
This is a tow away zone                             No Pah King
Our meeting is scheduled for next week             Wai Yu Kum Nao
Staying out of sight                                     Lei Ying Lo
He is cleaning his automobile                             Wa Shing Ka
Your body odor is offensive                             Yu Stin Ki Pu
Great!!!                                                     Su Pah

See how simple it can be - practice this outloud as often as possible and before you know it - you will be a pro.
Have a nice day!!!!
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As many of you know we have moved into our new house, which is still in a rural setting although at the rate of development going on around here I am sure that will change in a few years.

So I was driving down the road today when a rabbit jumps out onto the road out of nowhere. I instinctively swerve to avoid hitting it, but to no avail, the rabbit jumped right in front of me and I hit it.

I am somewhat of a sensitive guy, not sure why that is but I am so I just live with it, I feel really bad at this point and decide to pull over and at least move the rabbit off the road.

The rabbit is of course dead, I pick the little furry creature up and place him gently in the grass next to the road. About that moment a blonde woman sees me and pulls over. She gets out of her car and asks me if there is anything she can do, I am simply guessing she thought I was broke down...I thought it was nice of her to ask, but I tell her no, that I had simply run over a rabbit and had moved it off the road.

The blonde says, "Don't worry." She runs to her car and pulls out a spray can. She walks over to the limp, dead rabbit, bends down, and sprays the contents onto the rabbit.

I am confused at to what the hell she is doing but I have often found people do the damndest things, I simply call it the retard gene. I am about to tell her gee thanks that is all he needed was to be sprayed to keep from smelling, when the rabbit jumps up, waves it paw at the two of us and hops off.

What the.......

Ten feet away the rabbit stops, turns around and waves again. He hops down the road another 10 feet,turns and waves, hops another ten feet, turns and waves, and repeats this again and again and again, until he hops out of sight.

I am astonished. I have seen a great many things in this world but this, I think has to take the cake. I looked at her, she looks at me and smiles. I ask her what the hell was in that can?

She hands me the spray can and I turn it around to read the label. I couldn't believe my eyes it actually says.....

"Hair Spray - Restores life to dead hair, and adds permanent wave."

Well I will be damned.....go figure.

Here you thought I was going to tell you something deep and meaningful.
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Catchy Headline..........

So what I do know and many studies confirm.....Men get stronger with age.

When I was 18 it took 2 hands to push it (my penis) down

In my 30's it only took 1 hand

In my 40's I can do it with 3 fingers........I am getting soooo much stronger.

Of course my wife will totally disagree with that but hey as a man I have to laugh at the joke.

I do think the weird reality of Men hitting their sexual  prime by 25 and women hitting it at 40 should tell you something.

Now I am off to bed....nooo....not to have sex but because I am tired
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