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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Poster



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Poster

Artist notes:

Why so many Batman's?
Batman has had 2 distinct suits already revealed (armour suit and normal) aswell as a clear look at his Bruce Wayne identity. Set photos of Clark were harder to find. I added him in the corner to emphasise the connection with the mausoleum but that was probably a mistake. If its any consolation, Superman is on the poster 5 times. 

So why 2 Batman logos then?
The one at the top is actually based on the leaked Batarang pictures (hence the metal bevel effect), which is shaped different then the normal logo. I tried to blend it into the background of Superman to recreate him in the bat signal from the leaked trailer.

Why no Cyborg? Are you a racist?
Theres been no clear look at cyborg in the film (suit or even civilian) so I didn't want to make a flimsy guess. Sorry. This also explains why theres no Flash or Green Lantern. 

Why no Lex Luther?
Because there has been no clear indication of how the character will look. Same as above. 

Why did you add Wonder Womans emblem to the logo?
I thought it looked pretty cool. 

Why is Batman beating Superman?
It felt pretty underdog to have the confrontation shaped that way. Superman about to deal a megaton punch to Batman just seems damn unfair. 

Is Aquaman well hung?
Sure why not. 

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Great work :) Love it
So few people get this. 

But Batman is very overrated.

1. ON a way he is as the detective Sherlock Holmes, who sees himself as a god - he never criticizes his own methods and consider themselves permanently better.
(Which often is proven in his diskutioner with Alfred and others) Rage 

2. While Superman is similar to Dockter Who - Dr Who's immortal, and he has the ability to move and manipulate time, space and reality.
But all he wants is to become more human. Hug 

3. Wonder Woman is extrimely Unappreciated. No one gets her. I like Powergirl a lot. A great icon.Heart   BUT she is still a copi of Superman. :( (Sad) 

Diana is the only one, who stands out and is not a shadow of another hero like She-Hulk.  Nod 

The only comic that might give her justice is Legend Of Wonder Woman…

try it It is worth it Clap