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I came into work this morning and sat down, coffee in hand to check through all of my various email accounts as usual. After checking all of my work - which were full of nothing but grief - I checked my personal one and found a message from waiting for me. Apparently my Munny dolls were chosen from thousands of other works to appear in the no.1 slot on the homepage of their sister site Toy Design Served !!! Needless to say this made me forgot about all the crap I received in my work inbox and almost made me choke to death on my coffee!

Other than a small write up in the local rag a few years ago I've never had this kind of recognition and damn does it feel good. Hopefully if I keep on plugging myself and churning out artwork that people enjoy, I'll have a lot more recognition coming my way in the near future.

Fuck yeah!
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That must feel awesome! Congrats! Your customs are great!
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It really does! Thank you. Not bad considering they're the first one's I've ever done!!! I've got the bug for it now though so I've recently ordered half a dozen different one's to mutilate lol.
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Oh gosh, have fun with those!