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If the response I've had from the lovely DeviantArt community wasn't enough, I've now been featured on the Tenacious Toys blog!…

The comments and all round response I'm getting from the internet community has been surprising. It's definitely fuelling me to crack on and create more.

- messymedia

I came into work this morning and sat down, coffee in hand to check through all of my various email accounts as usual. After checking all of my work - which were full of nothing but grief - I checked my personal one and found a message from waiting for me. Apparently my Munny dolls were chosen from thousands of other works to appear in the no.1 slot on the homepage of their sister site Toy Design Served !!! Needless to say this made me forgot about all the crap I received in my work inbox and almost made me choke to death on my coffee!

Other than a small write up in the local rag a few years ago I've never had this kind of recognition and damn does it feel good. Hopefully if I keep on plugging myself and churning out artwork that people enjoy, I'll have a lot more recognition coming my way in the near future.

Fuck yeah!
Good evening oh viewers of my portfolio. This is just a quick message to inform you that my new website which after 2 years and over 8 re-designs is finally back online! Please take a look to see my most recent work and remember that if you like what you see I'm available for commissions. >
Thats it! .. New designs HAVE to happen!

I have recently had my first stab at designing cartoon characters, currently using Flash due to Illustrators inability to work properly at the moment.

Recently submitted Self Portrait.. REALLY enjoying it.

Full on. Hardcore. Design.

Surely there will be more to come!



Messy:Media Website

Messy:Media on Facebook
Well, first taster of DeviantArt.. not bad, not bad atall!

Thanks for all the awesome support!

I'll keep submitting.. currently actually building a tank complete with home made shelving units for a new gecko joining the house in a months time. I can't help but make the rocks and parts of the enclosure myself and get some graffiti on that bad boy tank. Fingers crossed! :meditate:

New private commisions comming up aswell and the launch of the Messy:Media website is getting so damn close!

Keep a watch out, folks. ;)
Hi, my name is Adam Whitnall and I'm new to deviantart so don't bite.

I’m a freelance jack of all trades when it comes to the art and design thing! Here I have showcased just a few of my many pieces from the last few years and hopefully you’ll be able to draw inspiration from them as I have from many deviations.

I originally studied in Graphic Design but my main passion has always been paint and all things messy.

I have sold my art all of the globe and will be linking you folks in as soon as possible for a new website to be launched this summer containing all Messy:Media art pieces.

I have been designing and selling my artwork for the last 5 years or so and heres a few things I love to do.....

I specialise in stencils. The canvases can consist of everything from people to games and even a 40"x40" canvas of a dog which was commissioned and sold in Old Town, Hastings, East Sussex only a couple of weeks ago.

->Vinyl Clocks:
The clocks can span from logo's of games and bands to some specialised graffiti ones I like to jump into.

->Faceplates/Console mods:
The faceplates are a passion of mine being a keen gamer myself. I'm starting to think I enjoy designing these the most.

Every now and again you will catch some kind of sculpey project, my recent work consists of fighter butterflies on canvas, soon to be uploaded.

->Aerosol Cans ‘Tinhedz’:
The monsters! A recent curiosity of mine after realising how many empty spray cans I get left with after a commission.

I have been a keen illustrator for as long as I remember and it is always something that is enjoyed.

This has to be the most fun of all things that I do, I have recently completed a 15 foot mural on a tattoo studio wall in Hastings, East Sussex.

Tattoo's / Corporate Identity Logo's / Websites and Computer Graphics / Print designs / Clothing / Sign Writing.. and anything else you can pretty much think of, I'll have a damn good go at.

RIGHT! Enough of the waffling... we'll be falling asleep. I am about to upload a set of images in which I have designed and sold throughout the years.


Enjoy, folks.