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Little Shop of Munny - Audrey II

By messymedia
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After my first taste of customising Munny dolls I decided to get a little crazier!..

If you have any questions about my sculpting/painting process please feel free to send me a message or use the contact form on my website ( Similarly if you would like to buy or commission a piece please get in touch.
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Too. Neat. That's perfect! And I agree, the placement MAKES it.
And the little bucket looks like the ones you get from the little desserts at a restaurant called Logan's Roadhouse... LOL.

Kudos. This is badass.
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Thanks buddy. I'll send you a private message :D
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I love love love this one. So awesome man. I love how the mouth is at the top of the munny head. Would you be interested in doing a collaboration? I've never done one before, but it could be fun! plus your stuff rocks.
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Cheers buddy! Yeah I thought the mouth placement was crucial to getting the right 'feel' with this piece.

I'd most definitely be up for a collaboration. I've never done one before either so not sure of the best way to go about it lol. And thanks, your stuff is awesomesauce lol.
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It definitely was crucial and it totally worked.

Well I'm sure we could do it a couple of ways...either one person sculpts and one paints. Or we could do a pair of toys that go together (yin and yang type thing) and each do one. Or if we could do something where two toys get molded into one (like a totem pole or something like that). Maybe pm me and we could chat about it. Yes, awesomesauce! Haha thanks man :D
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Very cool! I love the sculpting on the mouth!
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Oh! Awesome! This is a pretty cool idea! I have to check out your website! Good job!

I love to customise Munny's, too. But apparently they don't sell them here anymore! :( I don't give up hope yet!
messymedia's avatar
Where do you live then that you can't get hold of Munny dolls?!
raVen-MacKay's avatar
I live in Switzerland at the moment. Can't get anything here. It's like the end of the world. I miss the UK so much. Especially after living in London it's like a third world country.
I was so glad to find Munny's in a shop, but they ordered about 30 piece. The saleswoman said beside me only 2 other customer bought them. Anyway. I'll check maybe next week or so.

Btw, I checked your website. You've got some very interesting stuff beside of the Munny's. Love the spray cans! ^^
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Oh right. End of the world lol. Can't you buy them from Amazon or something? Surely the postage isn't too much? Either that or learn to create your own moulds and cast as many munny dolls as you want ha ha.

Thanks for checking out the site :D I really need to get more content on there but I build websites at work all day so it get's a little boring.
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Aww thanks buddy. Yeah take a look at the website. It's currently awaiting some new content but there's still quite a bit on there.

- messymedia

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Hello :D you've been featured [link] have a nice day!
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Thanks buddy! Legend. Glad you liked my piece. :D
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No problem :)
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I think I love you for doing this. It's so perfectly sculpted and the paint job is excellent. Even after clicking on the image to see the full view, I couldn't believe it was a Munny, it's that seamless in the transformation from the paint job on the body and arms. Great work!
messymedia's avatar
Oh wow, I think I love you for the brilliant comment! Lol. Thank you very much.

It's not entirely accurate as the Audrey in the movie was in a terracotta pot and had a lot more foliage. But I think it's a nice little homage piece :)

It's only the fifth Vinyl toy I've ever created so I'm really happy with the result, especially as my cat nearly destroyed her at one point!

There's quite a few different photos on my Behance profile if you wanna take a look? [link]
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