Hey, itís been ages since Iíve posted here, but I thought Iíd let you know that Iím running a Kickstarter right now to make enamel pins of Dia from Follower for Kickstarterís Make 100! The pins themselves will be 1.5 inch soft enamel pins. Soft enamel pins are a high-quality enamel pin made with die struck (raised) metal and recessed enamel. Iím working with a well-established company that specializes in making these types of pins.
There are other rewards too, like fancy holographic stickers and comic bundle packs at a price cheaper than anywhere else!
Weíre kind of off to a slow start, so sharing a link is much appreciated! 💖 Thanks for reading!
Dia Enamel Pins now live on Kickstarter!
It’s been a while! I have a couple of new things group members might be interested in.

• Follower is updating again on Wednesdays! You can catch up in the gallery, or just visit follower.messenger-comic.com
• I’m starting a new weekly art stream! On Mondays & Tuesdays I’ll be working on different projects and you can pop in and watch. Follow me on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/radiochio) for notifications and stream schedules in your local time.
• I’ve opened a shop on Teepublic with shirts and stickers! I’ve added a few old designs and a few new ones, and I’m working on more, too. If you have any specific character requests you’d like to see on merch , let me know! www.teepublic.com/user/radioch…

That’s it for now! Happy comic-reading!
Follower will be taking a break for the month of November, returning to its normal schedule on December 6. Patreon posts will continue as usual and supporters will still get access to early pages and regular rewards. I am planning to use this time to finish the artwork for chapter 5, and work together with Delade on writing the script for the next chapter. I’m also hoping this will also afford me some time to catch up properly on Messenger and other projects before the end of 2017.

During the break, I’d love to put up some guest posts - including fan art, fiction, or whatever else you can come up with, as long as it’s Follower-related! Please email it to bug [at] messenger-comic.com. Don’t forget to let me know what name you’d like to be credited with, and a link to your website if you have one.

In the meantime, you can check out any of the following places for more updates or to chat with other readers:

Follower email newsletter
Crossposting from this newspost!

Hey there! This week will mark the end of Chapter Four of Follower! The start of this year has been rough for Delade and I for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here, but as a result, we aren’t as ready to start Chapter Five as I had hoped for. We’re currently planning to take the next two weeks off to finish preparing Chapter Five, so in the meantime, we’d like to open up an opportunity for guest art!

If you’ve made (or want to make!) anything featuring the characters from Follower – doodles, sketches, stories, comics, whatever – we’d love to share it on the site during the break.

Send an email to bug [at] messenger-comic.com with your submission at any time up until our break ends on March 29th, and we’ll post art as we receive it! Please don’t forget to include the name you’d like to be credited as, and a link to your own site or comic if you have one.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again towards the end of the month!
Some Follower readers have started to put together a radio play based on the comic, but they need your help to fill in more voice roles! Check out the demo for the first episode, and then send in your audition: youtu.be/KwWT3IAB8Ps

Here's what you need to know:

Anyone interested should record dialogue from at least three consecutive pages of the comic that have the character speaking in every one (I will make exceptions for characters that haven’t had that much dialogue yet, like Wolzarski) Or if you want to specify a scene that you think best exemplifies the character, I will make that the requirement. Other characters lines can be played by another person, by text-to-speech software, or just omitted.

Submissions can either be shared with MoonsideBroadcastNetwork@gmail.com via Google Drive, or uploaded to a site like Youtube or Soundcloud and linked to us with this form. goo.gl/forms/h7eEU0tRnk Any file format will be accepted. Final date to submit TBD.

Also, I am opening up auditions for everyone except Richart (Since you liked Richart, and the actor has expressed a lot of enthusiasm for continuing the part, I’m going to keep him). Depending on how everything goes, I’m hoping to have a full episode recorded by the end of February.

Delade and I are both really excited about this, and really hope to see it continue, so please submit an audition if you think you can pull off a good Captain Bash or a perfect Dia!

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