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Something new to the group and something to help our mods make the group become active is the new ability to TRANSFER designs bought on DA or other sites in as characters to use! So long as the rights to the design belong to you, this option is open to you! Interested? Well here is how it works!

How to Bring in a Pre-Purchased Design

So say you've spotted a handsome dino design on Deviantart and snatched it up for yourself. Whether the design comes to you from a trade or a point purchase, so long as you have the rights to the design you're free to bring it into the game. There are only a FEW restrictions:

  • Designs must be transferred onto our group lines and uploaded. I know this can be a pain and I apologize. If you require help in this area, PLEASE let someone know. We're happy to assist.
  • Before bringing a Design in-game, PLEASE consult the pack guide pages. Most packs have colors that are more rare than others and at this time we are limiting how many 'Rare Coats' are brought in game free of charge. Players are allowed a MAX of 3 designs per month!! From these three they can vary in rarity from:
    • No Legendary coats at this time
    • Max of 1 Ultra Design per month
    • Max of 2 rare coats per month
    • Max of 3 common - Uncommon per month
  • Designs are for current in-game species. If you have a Parasaur design you bought but want to use it's design on a Microraptor or Rex that's fine! But we are currently restricted to the species we have.

Uploading your Design

Once you have you design transferred onto our lines, upload it to Deviantart's St.ash feature. Be SURE to let us know which Clan you want your deisgn to originate from IF and only if you plan on putting him/her into a Carno Clan.
From St.ash you should be able to grab a link to the file which you should comment below to our featured comment. A Mod will take a look at your design and should it be good to go, the group will upload it for you! Once you see your character in the accepted design pool, feel free to go forward with making your reference <3

Returned Characters

Looking for a character who may already have a history? A reputation? Or perhaps you've lost your muse for an existing character and don't want them to fade into the background? Well then! This is the place for all of you! Characters who players can't rehome on there own or simply don't have the time for can return them to the group to be rehomed with us!

I’ve lost my muse for my Dino, what can I do?

If you don't have the time to rehome your character on your own or just can't seem to just leave it to us! Simply note the group including a link to your characters reference letting us know that you would like to give them up for rehoming. We will then list them here and promote them to the group as looking for a new home.

Keep in mind, once you submit your note you can not turn around and take that character back! If your character has not been adopted within the following two months however and you are missing your long lost pal then feel free to note us again. Anytime after 2 months you may reclaim a character should you begin to miss them or suddenly have your muse return.

Characters currently available for rehoming









Skill Boost Incentive

Adopting returned characters does come with a perk! If you adopt a character from the returned characters and complete one RP with them after they are registered you are eligible to claim one +10 stat boost for them! This cannot be the same piece as your bid for the character. The Returned Character Skill Boost may be redeemed by noting the group with a link to the character and completed RP in question.

  • Stat boosts cannot be transferred to another character. 

  • Characters reclaimed from the returned characters journal by their original owner are not eligible.

  • Boosts may be claimed once per owner per adopted character.

Rules for Adopting Rehoming Characters

  • First come, first serve!!
  • Bids are reviewed at the end of every month to give people time to put in bids for a character(s) they would like to try and adopt. Please keep this in mind when submitting a bid!
  • Because they are pre-existing characters their information must be kept the same. However if you have a different vision for the character feel free to begin their journey to change through rp!
  • The only thing you need to apply is a profile application. If you wish to include art or extra's feel free!
  • Anyone can apply for these characters! However preference will be given to players who may not have many characters already or who are perhaps applying for a special character type they do not already have.
  • Do not bug the original owners!! Please leave all comments and questions here for the admin team to answer!
  • Please respect the character as they exist currently. Someone put a lot of time and effort into making them and even though they are up for rehoming, it doesn't mean they aren't loved!

How to apply

  1. Fill out a character profile for the character you would like to adopt. Fill out as much of the form as you can! Do no copy and paste the previous owner's information! Rephrase it in your own words!
  2. Write a short story (between 200 and 1000 words) about the character, in the past or present, and include it under their profile, or as a literature submission with the profile in the comments
  3. Upload your bid to or dA, whichever you prefer!
  4. DO NOT NOTE THE GROUP, OR COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR BID! Please submit your bid via our special Google Form:
  5. Click here to submit your bid!

  6. Wondering if you won? Keep an eye on this journal! It will be updated at the beginning of every month with new characters looking for a home and possible winners from the previous month!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave them here!

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