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We Are LIVE!


- Prone to changes and updates -
- In-Game Time is frozen until further notice -

Spring, Y98 After the Great Calamity
Breeding?: No
Nesting?: Yes

Gallery Folders

Microraptor Amber Design Template by PrimalInstincts
Velociraptor Amber Design Template by PrimalInstincts
Utahraptor Amber Design Template by PrimalInstincts
Carnotaurus Amber Design Template by PrimalInstincts
About Mesozoika
Mesozoika Map 1.0 by PrimalInstincts
Mesozoika Color Chart by PrimalInstincts
Cloudy by PrimalInstincts
Albino by PrimalInstincts
Roleplay and Images
Spring March by PrimalInstincts
Render Roars by Raskalle
Double Trouble by PrimalInstincts
Characters and Packs
NPC Chief Ororm | Male | Ahwitck Chieftain by PrimalInstincts
NPC Chief Ik'aldur | Male | Tsio Chieftain by PrimalInstincts
NPC Divan Lyeos | Male | Velociraptor by PrimalInstincts
NPC Divan Essia | Female | Velociraptor by PrimalInstincts
Plotting and Requests
Designs and Auctions
June Design Pool #8 by MesoAdmin
June Design Pool #7 by MesoAdmin
June Design Pool #6 by MesoAdmin
June Design Pool #6 by MesoAdmin



About the Genetics system

Goodbye Genetics!

So I know you guys liked our genetics system but the biggest hang up and stopper on this group, for me, has been the genetics. I liked the genes I made don't get me wrong but to make them WORK? It didn't. X'DD

SO!! For now, Genetics are GONE. The only thing we are keeping is the base color system. Markings that are listed in the 'About' Section are more for inspiration and as a naming guide should a dino display similar patterns or markings.

Hello Designs!

Members are now more than free to import designs they have purchased from users around DA and USE them as characters!! The design pool will, hopefully, receive an influx of new shinies AAANNDD his will hopefully give you guys some fun ideas as far as making characters are concerned.

Wait a minute...what about existing characters?

Existing characters and designs in the pool will remain but the Genotype portion of their information can be ignored. Additionally anyone who has adopted from the pool is now free to make changes to their designs if they so choose!

Now obviously you can't radically change them but feel free to add little markings or patterns to your characters should you wish to.

For a FULL detailed update on the changes to our color system please keep an eye out. I'll be uploading more things as the day progresses.

REMINDER: Soft Opening Rule Bending CONTINUES!

Greatly related to the first topic above, we ARE going to bend a few rules to get our game up and running for everyone!! Which rules might those be you may be asking? WELL!

Rules we're excusing/ ones you can break this ONCE:
  • Rogue Dinosaurs do NOT require uncommon Amber. These are species that don't conform to one of our three packs. How will this work? WELL! If you are creating a rogue carnivore (Ex: Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Dilophosaurus etc) simply fill out the same Profile you would normally with your dinosaurs information. Depending on whether or not it is a large carnivore, medium or small, you'll be then directed to which of the designs in the pool you can use for your Rogue.
    • Tyrannosaurs = Large Carnivores such as Spino, Giga, etc
    • Carnotaurus = Medium Carnivores such as Baryonyx, Lythronax and Ceratosaurus
    • Utahraptors = Small Carnivores such as Dilo and Herrerasaurus
    • Velociraptor and Microraptors = Extra Small Carnivores such as Dilong, smaller subspecies of Raptor and Compsognathus
  • Rogues WILL be limited 1 per person through this "Soft Open".
  • Locked Ranks and Special positions are going to loosely enforced. As of right now, the only truly LOCKED rank are our pack leaders as we plan on having a special characters auction later this month to fill those! Special positions and ranks you can openly apply for include:
    • Dromaeosaurs: Imperial Captains and Maw Rangers
    • Carnotaur: War Captains (Be sure to include clan)
    • Tyrannosaurs: Prince and Princesses, Nobles and Marquis
    • Should you apply for a rank that has stat requirements, your characters will be given a 1 time boost so they meet the bare minimum requirement.

  • Pre-made Design Transfers- FREE New * 
    • For the FULL details on how to do this and what is allowed, please see this updated journal: Returned Characters and Design Transfers
    • If you aren't sure what category your design falls into, feel free to ask!! Be it here, through note or in your character application.

Frozen Time

The season and year tracker has been added to the front page BUT for the time being time will NOT be moving forward! Time will start to move forward and change after the Leadership Auction scheduled for the end of the month. Once these important characters have found homes and are accepted into the group, time will begin to move forward in game at the rate of one season per month.

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