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Well last week just killed me, You know that (American) football could be a real pain in the ass but I love the sport and I know any other sport that I would do. Anyways, I'm hopefully going to make this a weekly thing, because I'm in a dead period which means no practice for me and hopefully I get rested from what happen to me during last week.

I really I hate having no hand and that is why I guess I didn't do s**t last week but hey I had a great 4th of July, even though I got sun burn, because I had to do stuff at a fireworks, but I can't be in the stand because I'm not 18, any people think that I am way older than I look.

Next week I get to lift because I got to stay in shape if I want to play football, and also my season is coming up and I am hoping that my team can get to CIF, California version of playoffs. I knowing my school we are going to be out in the first round. The playoffs for football if you don't watch it is one chance to move and that's it.

This summer is going to be a very fun for me and I am just hoping that I can get pass it and get some football going and be a champion for once in my sports life.

Well I guess that I'm done, so y 'all can go know. Mesa out.
Well this is goin to be a very fun summer for me. By fun, I mean a crap ton of work at (American) Football, with a lot of fundraising and I don't get to leave school, well because that is where I do my sport at.

I may watch a little of the world cup, even though I am not a big (Football) Soccer. But hey it is a sport thats needs to be watch.

I also have a lot of work to do like prepare for the psat, which could help me to get into a University, because I bet that me just playing (American) Football wouldn't get me there.

But my summer is still young and there is still a lot that I can do during this time, and it means a whole lot of time to makes some of my (not so good) countryball art.