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Super Mario Bros.

By Merystic
Wii has reminded me how awesome Mario is. Here is my fanart
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© 2007 - 2021 Merystic
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Legobot144's avatar
they look by somehow a little bit creepy, but that makes the piture more good!
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Nice art style. Great job with the details too, especially on Yoshi.
SongWorthSinging's avatar
Yoshi's face looks like that dinosaur thing's face from Toy Story;
Rex, I think.
I adore this<3
Aquamega's avatar
Whoa, awesome job!
AlanEsunPirataArghh's avatar
nice i like the yoshi
mastergloyd's avatar
This picture seriously cracked me up! I like how you made them more realistic, yet you kept their character qualities. :)
SJ10's avatar
RK5000's avatar
There are lots of alternate Mario pictures but this one captures it better than most. Nice!
The-Gumball-Machine's avatar
Woah Yoshi looks SOOO cute! Like hes smiling, lol.
xiang's avatar
That Yoshi is too freaking adorible! X3 I want to pet it! =(
Comrade-Pajitnov's avatar
Wow, this is an awesome picture. A shame more people haven't :+fav:'d it.
The-Ice-Gladiator's avatar
Thas phenominal, what a great picture of mario, luigi and yoshi done realistic.
Feagaer's avatar
is that yoshi in the background? i loove yoshi! he so cool! =D
soulshelter's avatar
OMG I love it! I especially love how you did Yoshi. X3 You're so awesome..
DarkMetaller's avatar
silentsketcher's avatar
:clap: Awesome! I love your rendition of them.
Ruthos's avatar
thats so,e hella-awesome work. :D
coralyoshi's avatar
Deeeeeeefinitely awesome :'D I really need to play that game.

Also this is a dayumn awesome fanart. I love how rugged they all look yet still cartoony and awesome and real but cute and <333 Yoshi<3
shani-hyena's avatar
I love Yoshi in this style! XD Awesome.
Wazaga's avatar
wow, that's got to be the best Mario fanart EVER!!!!!
PoeticBastid's avatar
worthlesscrap's avatar
This is freakin' cool. This needs to be featured.
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