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I took all slots I need, but my pinglist/waitlist is still available and there is no limit in this list. If you want a slot, feel free to note me or comment below. Whenever I reopen commissions again, you will the first people that I contact. @^▽^@


Bubble - Exclamation Mark - F2U! Commission me means you agree to the terms below. Please read well.

  1. I'm not a machine, so please don't rush me. The waiting time depends on my workload but it's generally around 4-7 weeks after your payment. If something (urgent work, illness, etc.) interrupted me, I'll let you know.

  2. I must receive full payment first before starting work (I accept Paypal US$ only). When you make the payment, you don't need to pay the paypal fee.

  3. You will receive a hi-res unwatermarked file for personal use only. Sharing on social media is okay as long as you use the "public version" I provide you and credit me on the post.

  4. I own the copyright of the artwork, and I have the right to re-distribute them for other commercial and non-commercial purposes (credit you as the owner of the commission). If you don't want me to public the artwork, you can ask for a private commission.

  5. DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks or use it for commercial usage. For commercial rate please contact me for more information.

  6. No refunds unless I cancel the commission. You can also ask for a refund as long as it's been over a month and I haven't started.

  7. You only get two revisions (if you ask): once during the sketch stage and once during color stage. After the commission is finished, only small changes are allowed to be made, such as small coloring/marking mistakes. Any great changes will come with an extra charge, so please make sure your reference is clear to start with.

  8. I will draw my own style. I cannot imitate other artist's style, so check my gallery to see the kind of pic you will receive.

  9. English isn't my first language, so please write as simply as possible. Thank you for understanding ♡

If you have questions, you can visit my Commission F.A.Q or feel free to comment it below ~


(the price will be different depending on details)

I DRAW:  Humanoid Kemonomimi    Loli/Shota   Yuri   Erotic content   NSFW

I DON'T DRAW:  Creepy animal  Muscular man 

ADDITIONAL FEES (if there is - I will inform in your note):

  • + $xx for a complicated character design

  • + $xx for carrying a detailed weapon/object (if it is something I can draw)

  • + $xx for more background details

  • + $xx for extra SFW/NSFW version (i.e: full outfit version and nude version)

  • + $xx for detailed and complicated requirements, which take more time to complete.

  • + $xx if there is no exact photo reference - I hope you understand.

DISCOUNTS (apply with all types): 10% discount for returning customers!

Type 1. CHIBI: $60

[+VIDEO] Commission - Morning!
Public File
[+VIDEO] Commission - Pancakes!!
[+VIDEO] Spread My Wings

*I take both male & female characters with this type. See more of my Chibi style HERE.


Head-shot: $40

Waist-up: $60

Thigh-up: $80

Full-body (environmental background included): $120

[+VIDEO] Commission - Tanith (Fire Emblem)
[+VIDEO] Commission - Sun
[+VIDEO] Commission - Blooms
Extra Gift Public File

*I don't take male characters with this type. See more of my Anime style HERE.


(Nude/underwear/undress illustration - environmental background included)

Waist-up: $90

Thigh-up: $120

Full-body: $150

Ver1 Public
Commission - This Is My M16 And She Is All Mine
Commission - Troublemaker
Commission - Engineer: Shooting

*I don't take male characters with this type. See more of my NSFW illustrations HERE.


  • Step 1 - Send me a Note (or drop mail to meryosie.rose@gmail.com if you're not from DeviantART) with the title "Commissions" and Form below:

- Commission type:

- Character name:

- Character reference/Design Sheet:

- Personality:

- Background idea (optional):

- Additional note (optional): (other ideas you have in mind such as pose, expression, fetish...)

- Paypal email:

(Don't limit yourself to this form. If you have a better way to describe the requirement, feel free to!)

  • Step 2 - I'll accept your order and send you an Paypal invoice. You can pay either partial or full payment:

- Full payment: Commissioners who paid in full are automatically placed at the top of the priority list.

- Partial payment: Just send me 50% of your payment and you have your slot secured! I will send you a draft/sketch of your commission in due time, but I'll only continue to complete the drawing after received the remaining 50%.

  • Step 3 - While I am doing the commission I will send you some W.I.P (work in progress) to update you and make revisions if you are unsatisfied. You can also track your commission status by checking my To-do List

  • Step 4 - I will continue to complete the commission and send you the finished image through DA notes or email.


  • Want to check your commission progress? Please check my To-do List. I update it regularly so you all know how far I am with a drawing.

  • Want to be added in the waitlist? Just comment below or sent me a note ~


Remember to wash your hand and take care of your health during this time!


Last price update: July 2021

(Orders already on the waiting list aren't affected with price updates.)

Commission F.A.QTo-do List | Gallery

© 2020 - 2021 Meryosie
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Hey do u take da points?

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I accept Paypal only >.< so sorry T___T