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Hi everyone!
I'm back from Riminicomix and it was just awesome! I met many new and old friends, had fun and made lots of photoshoots of my cosplay costumes, photos will arrive soon! Stay tuned ;)
Hi everyone!
This is my first journal entry here on DA, sorry for taking so long but now that I finished my exams I finally have some free time to dedicate myself to cosplay. 
In a month I will be attending Rimini Comics, one of the most important comics and cosplay conventions in Italy, I'll be there for 4 days with new cosplays I'm preparing, I'm really excited about it!
Thanks to every DA user who watches me, knowing that my work is appreciated really makes me happy! 
I created a Facebook page where I'll upload all my works (not only cosplay related ones) so if you want please visit it and leave a like and/or share, it means a lot to me. Also, if you want to question me about any of my work related things please do so on my page, I will be happy to answer you. 
Thanks for your attention and support <3
My Facebook page: