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Skin Palette for MyPaint V2

Well, It was a lot of time that I didn't submit anything here, I have my problems to resolve, changes of rutine, university, and the time to ilustrate something is limited.
But 2 months ago I made this palette, more complete with new tones of skins taken from photos I use it a lot for colouring skins, and I want to give you this to do the same thing, enjoy it and download in full size.

Sorry for not write anything more, my head is full of shit.

The old version is this one:
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Thank you so much

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Thank you very much. Your work has not gone in vain. Even after all of these years it has helped many of us in this community out. :)

Thank You!!

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thnks so much!!
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I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a question as to which colors of each squares of the bases,  and what are the shading and highlights?  Or are these simply just bases to pick and choose from?

Also, thank you for reading! <3  I love this palette and the range of colors you have put effort into!  -added
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Thank you very much! ;w; <3
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Thanks that's top. 😀
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gracias por el aporte
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Thanks for sharing this palette!
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Thanks for sharing this!
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Awesome. Thanks a lot for your work :)
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Thank you for the palette! I hope you don't mind but I used this to create a digital swatch file that can be dropped into other art programs. This will make it much easier for some people to use it in their work. You are credited and I must say you have some lovely artwork. :D 

If anyone is interested: this swatch file will work in Photoshop + Manga Studio
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This is Awesoome!! .  i can make Custom Skins. Thank you 
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This is the best skin palette I've ever seen. Every other palette I see has sort of "White, Tan, Brown, Asian" and that's it. This is so much more detailed, thank you so much <3 
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Ohhh, so beautiful! XD Thanks <3
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Esta sua paleta de tons de pele vai me ajudar muito, pois é dificil acertar o tom. As vezes fica rosa de mais, ou marrom de mais.
Muito bom, parabens

PS.: language: brazil protuguese
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